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the apocalypse inside of an orange

I'm knee-deep in the loving hush of heresy

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Name:Sarah Samedi
Birthdate:Nov 8
Website:Sarah Samedi - Kickin' Your Brain's Ass
secretive girl
razorblade smile
hair noir
and brushes
the moon is high
and so am i
i write
because my soul
demands it
honeyed perfume
no hate
art is resistance
action without violence
art of dying
is the way to
let all go

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12th planet, aaron bruno, adam lambert, archgoat, art of dying, awolnation, being tattooed, body mods, born in winter, boyslash, bruises, canadianism, cannibal corpse, carcass, chino moreno, corsetry, crochet, death metal, deftones, delta heavy, deth metal, dethklok, dr. pepper, gojira, gore, gorillaz, helheim, horror in the hammer, horror movies, industrial love, kittens, lamb of god, leather, long hair, makeup artistry, megalodon, metal, metalocalypse, ministry, murderface murderface murderface, music, my weiner must win!, nathan explosion, niden div 187, obituary, opthalamia, pickles the drummer, pinup, rivethead kulture, sephora, skism, skrillex, skwisgaar skwigelf, slasher, smoking, stav strashko, teeny tiny sonny moore, toki wartooth, tommy joe ratliff, ukf dubstep, undead, veil of maya, vintage everything, vondur, white zombie, writing with utmost creativity, x-stitch zombies, xilent, zed's dead baby, zedd, zombies zombies zombies
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