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Title: Lead Me To The Water
By: [personal profile] i_amthecosmos  and [personal profile] sarah_samedi 
Rating: Suuuuper NC-17
Summary: Aaron Bruno and Adam Lambert are party friends who take it to the next level. High school/college AU

"Come on in," Aaron invites. "I don't share my room with anyone, so it's just you and me." And a single bed for the two of them to share. Aaron leans forward and touches his mouth to Adam's, taking a second to card his fingers through Adam's silky black hair.

Adam kissed Aaron back, very gently. He’s a little nervous and unsure about being in an older boy’s room. Even though he’s not really that much older. He likes Aaron’s hand in his hair, and he deepens the kiss.

Aaron walks Adam toward the bed, pulling Adam down on top of him. "You've done this before, right?" He nuzzles kisses under Adam's ear, listening to the way his breath catches, then kisses at his mouth again. "I can lock the door if you want."

“I...” Adam doesn’t know what to say. He’s overwhelmed by Aaron’s closeness. “I have. A couple of times.” He’s never gotten further than blowjobs, though. “Okay.” He’s fine with the door being locked.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Aaron doesn't say it to be crude, but to get it into the air, and to see if Aaron's intuition of Adam being a top is right. "Do you want me to go down on you?" Through Adam's t-shirt, Aaron flicks a nipple with his thumb.

Adam bites his lip. “I haven’t done that, I haven’t gone that far.” He feels incredibly stupid saying it. “Yeah, you can go down on me.” Aaron is really fucking sexy though, and Adam wonders how it would be to fuck him. “That feels good, shit.”

"You'll love it." Then Aaron is sliding down, stopping at Adam's fly from underneath. First, he rubs the front of Adam's jeans with his fingertips, then his palm, then he's pulling Adam's fly down. "I can go slow."

Adam has to lean against the wall. “Oh,” he says. “I... if you want to.” Privately Adam wants more, but he doesn’t know how to ask yet. He was drunk both times he had done this, and he’s a little scared about how to do this sober. “I like your hands,” he says, then blushes.

"I like them too," Aaron answers, lips right up against Adam's erection. Then he tugs both underwear and jeans down, and his next words are skin to skin. "I jerk off with them. Thinking about you. What do you think of that?"

Adam lets out a surpised huff of breath. “I think I’m going to be thinking about you jerking off when I’m alone.” He smiles, looking at Aaron. “God. I want you so much.” It’s the first bit of Adam’s dominant side peeking out since they started this.

"And all you've gotta do is say what you want." Aaron stops talking and licks up the length of Adam's cock, sucking down. If Adam's going to jerk off, then Aaron will give him something to picture.

Adam groans, leaning his head against the wall. “I... this is good.” He’s not sure if he wants to ask for anything else, at least not now. He rocks his hips a little, and then stops. “Sorry.” He had done that once before with Brad and he wasn’t happy about being surprised.

Aaron's surprised as well, but not angry about it. It happens! He looks up at Adam and nods a little, letting him know that it's okay to move or thrust or whatever he needs to do. He circles the base of Adam's cock with his hand, stroking up what he can't take into his mouth, letting his fingers bump against his lips.

Adam gasps a little, and he rocks forward again. Aaron seemed to be okay with it, so he moves just a little and puts a hand in Aaron’s short hair, running his fingers through it, then tightening his hold on the back of Aaron’s head. “Yeah.”

Aaron growls out a sound around Adam's dick, toes curling and heat pooling sharply between his hips. He bobs his head, trying to take more, and trying to get Adam to let go and just be in the moment.

Adam keeps a hand on Aaron, moving down to his neck and back up so he’s holding him. His movements get harder as he rocks into Aaron’s mouth. He growls himself. “Fuck you’re good,” he whispers. “More.”

More. Adam wants more and Aaron will give it to him. His cheeks hollow as Adam fucks him, eyes closed, hair twisted in Adam's fingers. He presses his tongue on the ridge underneath, lifting his chin so Adam can deepen his thrust.

Adam feels hot and close to the edge already. He thrusts again, thinking it might be too much, but Aaron just takes it. He pulls on Aaron’s hair, his other hand braced against the door. “I... Aaron...” He’s starting to shake.

If it's any kind of sign, then Aaron stops, pulling off and coming up to kiss Adam, feeling the way his whole body is pulled tight and trembling. "Let's make out more."

Adam makes a sound like a sob and he catches Aaron’s mouth, biting his lower lip a little, rough and hard. “You... fuck.” He takes a deep breath and then laughs. “I knew you were trouble.” He pulls Aaron’s hair again, trying to keep the facade of being in charge. Even though Aaron just flipped the tables on him.

"I am no such thing," Aaron smirks. "I might be a fuck, but I'm not trouble. I just thought we could... prolong things." He unfastens his own jeans, pushing them and his boxers down. "Kiss me." Making out with no pants on, fantastic.

Adam kisses Aaron hard, pouring his frustration at being stopped into it. He scrapes Aaron’s lower lip with his teeth again. He puts one hand on Aaron’s hip, rubbing over it but not pressing their hips together. If Aaron wants to prolong things, he’ll give it a try.

It's nice actually, and Aaron slides his hand up the inside of Adam's shirt to feel his body, his ribs, skimming a thumb over a nipple. His other hand is in Adam's hair at the nape of his neck, feeling the boundary between hair and skin. He licks into Adam's mouth, the nip of Adam's teeth making Aaron want just a little more contact.

Adam hisses when Aaron touches his nipple, and he lets Aaron control the kiss, for now. He moves his hand up from Aaron’s hip and strokes over his stomach, then up further. When he touches Aaron’s nipple, he rubs it with his thumb before moving his hand. “Like that?”

"Yeah." Aaron's nipples are both hard now, and he tugs Adam down against him so they're touching from shoulders to knees. He searches Adam's face with heavy blue eyes, shifting so Adam can settle between his thighs. "Do you like hearing stuff?" Talking or sounds; Aaron's in music, being vocal is what he does.

“I don’t know.” Adam has to think about it, and it’s hard to think with Aaron under him. “Yeah,” he says, remembering when that one guy from a vocal competition would moan when Adam went down on him. “Yeah, it’s hot.”

Aaron lets out a little laugh. "Okay. I just didn't want to weird you out..." He isn't quite breathy, but there's definitely a shadow in his voice. "I like your cock. I like how it tastes, how it feels. I like how big it it." Adam can feel Aaron's own dick twitch against his hip.

Adam definitely likes it, he can feel his cock jump almost the same time as Aaron’s. He leans down and kisses Aaron again, then he pulls back to take off his shirt. “Off,” he says, tugging at Aaron’s. “Come on.” He’s hot and restless again, wanting Aaron to suck him. Or anything, really.

Aaron strips his shirt off and pulls Adam down, wrapping a leg against his hip. He kisses him, trying to play on all that frustration, pull it out and get Adam to use it. This much skin makes Aaron's breath catch, and he pushes his hips up against Adam's.

Adam growls and bites Aaron’s neck. “Trying to fuckin’ kill me,” he mutters. He rocks against Aaron, his dick rubbing on Aaron’s stomach. “Do you like that?”

"Yeah," Aaron breathes. "But-" He shifts around, moving so that when Adam thrusts again, it's up against the cut of Aaron's hip, closer to the arch of Aaron's own cock. "There. I'm just trying to show you how fun it can be."

Adam gasps against Aaron’s neck. “I... you want me to fuck you, don’t you? I haven’t done it, I don’t want to hurt you.” Part of Adam feels like this might be a good time to try it, since Aaron is so open.

Aaron laughs, head tipped back. "Hey, this is your virginity, not mine. I'm definitely not going to say no if it's the decision you want to make." He noses at Adam, catching his eye. "I'll show you how not to hurt me. Sex is good. It's fun. But you gotta know that you want to."

Adam smiles at Aaron. “I... I want to. I think it’ll be okay, with you.” He hasn’t known Aaron long, but he trusts that this will be fine. “I’m just kind of... I’m a little shy about it.”

"It is kinda scary if you don't know." Aaron kisses Adam again, slow and humid then talks against his lips. "You have nothing to be shy about. I like you. And I really like how you feel against me."

Adam pulls back and looks into Aaron’s eyes. “You too. You feel good against me.” He kisses Aaron again. He’s a little flattered and a little confused at once about Aaron saying he likes him. Even though he knows that, it’s still a little strange for him to hear.

They're little more than party-friends, but they know each other enough to hug and say hi and to have good conversations. This is different, taking it a step further. Aaron reaches between them to touch Adam's cock, grazing his thumb over the head. "Lube - you're gonna need it - is in the drawer beside the bed. I'll show you how to get me ready."

“Okay.” Adam’s voice is soft. He reaches over to get the lube, already missing the closeness of lying right on top of Aaron. He moves to the edge of the bed, lube in hand. He’s nervous, but Aaron looks calm and relaxed. It helps soothe his nerves.

"Lie beside me." Aaron beckons to Adam, kissing him when he's close enough. "Give me the lube and your hand. You know what I'm going to do, right?" He kisses Adam's jaw, tugging on his ear with his teeth. "You have to use your fingers to... you know. Stretch me out a little. I like it, don't worry."

“I know,” he says, and he kisses over Aaron’s neck. “I have the Guide to Gay Sex at home.” Then he blushes. “That is so dorky.”

"That's hilarious." Aaron kisses the blush, from Adam's cheek to his lips, right down to the base of his throat. "I think it's awesome."

Adam laughs, still a little embarrassed. He likes the kissing, and catches Aaron’s mouth for another one. “Okay,” he says. “Show me.”

Aaron takes the lube and one of Adam's hands, pouring some out onto his fingers. He lifts a knee, guiding Adam's hand down to where Aaron is tight and hot. "Just push with one... I'll tell you when I'm ready for more." He slides his other hand into Adam's hair, licking into Adam's mouth, a kiss to ignite the desire in Adam again.

Adam bites at Aaron’s lower lip lightly, then pulls back a little as he presses his finger in. He’s nervous, but he focuses on what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to hurt Aaron, but he seems fine, so he moves his finger a little, in and out.

Aaron sighs through his nose, shifting his hips on the narrow bed. He puts a hand over Adam's, guiding the position first, then pushing his finger deeper. "It's been a while since I... I mean, the last person was my ex. I don't fuck around." He breathes for a minute, concentrating on how it feels. "You're... doing fine."

Adam kisses Aaron’s neck, thinking about what Aaron said. If he doesn’t fuck around, that inviting him to his room wasn’t something he did lightly. He pushes that thought out and concentrates on what he’s doing. Aaron is tight and hot around him, and it turns him on. He scrapes his teeth over Aaron’s neck.

Aaron huffs out a breath, curling his toes. "Ready," he tells Adam. "Cross your fingers and twist them in." Telling Adam step by step is hot, giving Aaron the time to prepare for how it'll feel. "You okay? Because you feel really good."

“I’m okay,” Adam says. He takes his finger out, and squeezes on more lube before doing what Aaron said. He bites his lip, feeling the smooth slide as Aaron lets him in.

"Good," Aaron breathes, and he's not sure if he's answering Adam or complimenting him for the slick, hot push of two fingers. Now he definitely rocks his hips up, urging Adam's fingers deeper, "Curl them." Oh yes, he's asking for it.

Adam’s so hard now, just watching and feeling Aaron push up against him is making him want to be inside him. But he doesn’t want to rush it, it’s too much fun. He curls his fingers, lips against Aaron’s neck, and he feels... something.

It's something that makes Aaron groan low in his chest, eyes rolled back in his head. That was easy enough, but the result is a jerk of his cock and a silvery, wet line that joints the head of his cock with his hip.

“Oh my god,” Adam whispers. It’s so sexy, it makes Adam want to get Aaron’s cock in his mouth. He really likes giving blowjobs based on the two times he’s done it, but there’s no way to do that now when he’s on his side and pressing fingers inside of Aaron. He’ll save that for later. He moves his fingers again, twisting and pressing.

Aaron arches in slow motion like a cat in the sun, stretching out while his body tightens up around Adam's fingers and lets go. "Three?" Aaron asks, voice low and husky, dragging a heel against the bed. "Think about how you wanna be in me and move your fingers like that."

Adam nuzzles at Aaron’s neck as he pulls his fingers out, getting more lube. He’s very careful about that, even though most of his fears are gone, replaced with want. He goes back in and moves his fingers in a steady rhythm, curling his fingers to make Aaron writhe every now and then. “You look so sexy,” he says, his voice a deep purr. “Tell me.”

It takes Aaron a minute to find his ability to speak, especially since Adam seems to favour making Aaron feel more and more like he's ready right now. "Fuck," he sighs, biting kisses wherever he can reach, so hard that his dick has a pulse, throbbing with each push of Adam's fingers.

“Ah!” Adam throws his head back when Aaron’s teeth scrape over his neck. “Are you ready? You have condoms, right? Let me know if you need more.” He kisses Aaron on the mouth, greedy. “Fuck I want you.”

"Yeah." To condoms, to being ready, but no, he doesn't need more, god, he'll kill himself if he needs more. What Aaron wants is Adam, and he's clumsy with want when he gets the condoms out. "Face to face. 'cause I want to kiss you." It feels like it takes forever to get the condom out of the wrapper, but Aaron would be lying to the world if he wasn't jerking Adam off a little as he rolls it down.

Adam has to use a lot of fucking self-control to keep from thrusting into Aaron’s fist, but he holds back until the condom is on. Then he’s kissing Aaron one more time before he moves between Aaron’s legs, trying to get the right angle to push inside him. When he starts to enter him, he has to bite his lip to keep from crying out. “Oh fuck. I don’t wanna come too soon.” He rocks his hips, braced on one elbow as he guides himself in bit by bit.

As much as Aaron would love for Adam to be balls-deep in him right fucking now, he tells him, "Slow. Just go slow." His knees are splayed wide, and Aaron lifts his hips to help Adam out. "Oh god, you're fucking big." And there isn't one bad thing about that.

“Okay,” Adam says, moving forward in little bits. He’s broken out in a sweat, back tense from holding back, but he loves it. “Are you okay?” Aaron sounds fine, but he wants to make sure.

"I'm great." It comes out on a groan, head tipped back, and Aaron hooks his legs around Adam's hips. His cock is still wet at the tip, aching-hard between them. "How do I feel?"

Adam laughs, a little hysterical. “Oh, you feel so good. Tight around me.” He moves again, and his cock slides all the way in. Adam braces on both elbows then, and moves slowly. “Fuck. I love your legs around me like that.” He wonders how he can still talk, but he has to distract himself from coming, like, right now.

"All the way," Aaron husks, eyes closed. "Push. All the way, so you're... right up against me." He reaches down and cups Adam's balls, squeezing them gently. "I can get 'em up higher. You can hold 'em up." The thought flickers across Aaron's face and he groans again, tensing up around Adam.

“I...” Adam has no idea what he’s trying to say. But he does as instructed and pushes inside Aaron, trying not to cry out. Then he pulls back and does it again. “Oh god. Aaron...” He grabs one of Aaron’s legs, hitching it up higher.

Aaron's face goes slack and he rubs Adam's balls again, harder, and moans out, "you wanna make me come?" Because he's close already, the angle steep and deep, stretched and agonizingly full. "Your cock is fucking good. It's so fucking good."

Adam snaps his hips a little hard when Aaron rubs his balls. He makes an apologetic noise, but Aaron doesn’t seem to care. “Yeah. I want you to come. I wanna see it.” He’s so close himself, he just hopes he doesn’t first.

All it takes is for Aaron to palm down his cock, circle, pull, and he's kissing at Adam's neck, panting out his orgasm in pulses. He's not sure if Adam saw it, but god, he must have felt it.

“Oh fuck, Aaron...” Adam feels Aaron come between them and he cries out, thrusting three more times before he tenses and stills. “Oh.” He drops his head and kisses Aaron, trembling.

"Told you it was fun," Aaron mumbles, then grins up at the ceiling. He lies there with Adam draped comfortably over him, then he runs a hand down Adam's back. "You gotta move your hips though. Condoms are sneaky fuckers."

Adam laughs, wet-sounding but definitely a laugh, and he pulls back, one hand on the condom so it doesn’t slide off. He sits up, fumbling with it to tie it and then drops it in the wastebasket. He looks at Aaron with a vulnerable, almost scared expression.

"C'mere." Aaron beckons to Adam. "Do you regret it? ...I don't. I don't want you to think... aw, I don't know what I'm trying to say, but if you want... I'd like if you crashed here tonight. We can go to Denny's tomorrow." It's Aaron's roundabout way of saying he wants Adam to stay.

Adam curls around Aaron’s side. “No, I don’t regret it. I’m glad it was you.” He presses his lips to the spot over Aaron’s pulse. “I don’t know if I can stay. I told mom I’d be home.” He suddenly hates that he’s in high school and not in college with Aaron. “I can call her if there’s a phone. I want to stay.” He feels very young.

There's two years that separate them; Aaron doesn't care. Six separate his parents! "There's a phone in the common room down the hall. We can get dressed and order a pizza at the same time." A kiss is pressed to Adam's mouth. "When you're ready."

“Okay,” Adam smiles at him then. He thinks about thanking Aaron, but it was for both of them, so he doesn’t. He nuzzles Aaron’s neck again, not wanting to get up. After a minute he sits up slowly, and reaches for his pants. “I wonder what I should tell my mom. I can’t lie to her at all.”

"So... mostly tell her the truth. Tell her you're here, but with Cassidy and Jess and me. And Nik, too." Aaron runs a hand through his messy hair, pushing it to the side. "Are you seriously okay? Because that was kind of a big deal, your v-card and everything. Thanks for trusting me with it."

“I’m okay. Yeah, I know what you mean, but...I didn’t think it would be bad with you.” He blushes. “I mean, we don’t know each other all that well, but...” He gets up and pulls on his shirt. “I won’t be gone long.” He leans over and kiss Aaron a short kiss.

Aaron smiles. "Yeah. If you see Saushan, get her to roll one up for us, for later. Before we eat." He pulls on jeans and a t-shirt and eases back onto the bed, the smile curling into a grin. "It could have just been a blowjob." And Adam gave Aaron his virginity. Wow. "Go call your mom."

Adam smiles at him. “Don’t rule out the blowjob yet.” He winks at him, and he never winks at anyone. But after this, flirting isn’t scary at all. “Okay.” He leaves the room and goes into the common room where the phone is. He doesn’t see Saushan right away, but she’s probably around. He dials the number and waits. “Hi mom.”

"Hey, kid. What's going on?" Leila's getting dinner ready, which means putting some pasta in a pot and finding a jar of Ragu.

“I just...I know I said I’d come home, but can I stay the night? I’m with my friends at the college dorms. Nik and Cassidy are here, Jess is, Aaron.” He kind of slips that one in, because his mom doesn’t really know Aaron.

Leila smiles to herself. "Tell me you're sleeping with Jessica and you can stay. Don't forget your lesson at ten tomorrow, want me to come and get you or are you getting a ride home?"

“I’m getting a ride.” He’s relieved, his mom doesn’t seem to suspect anything. “I won’t forget my lessons, don’t worry. Yeah, I’m rooming with Jessica tonight.” That is so far the only pure lie he’s told, and he’s glad he’s on the phone. His mom would totally know in person.

"Okay. Be good. See you tomorrow, alright?"

“Alright. Goodnight mom.” He hangs up and sees Saushan walking through the common area. “Hey,” he says to her. “Um...could me and Aaron get a little something for tomorrow morning?” He doesn’t think he’s blushing, he hopes not.

Saushan eyes Adam. "Are we talking pot or condoms? Because I do have both." Then she grins at him. "Does he want it loose or rolled? And tell him he owes me five bucks for it." To Saushan, Adam isn't blushing, but he certainly looks like he and Aaron have been up to something that definitely isn't just smoking up.

Adam grins at her. “Rolled, I think.” He leans over on impulse and kisses her cheek. “Thank you.” He’s feeling good, loose and affectionate in a general way, not just with Aaron.

"No problem sweetie." She pats his cheek and disappears into her room for a minute before coming out with a book. "Give this to Aaron for me, okay?"

“Okay,” he says, and smiles at her. “See you tomorrow.” He walks back to Aaron’s room and hesitates before he goes in. “Hi.” He hands Aaron the book. “Saushan gave me this. And you owe her five bucks.”

"Cool," Aaron answers, flipping through the pages until a joint falls out. Then he looks up at Adam with a smile. "What did your mom say?"

“I can stay. She just wanted to know that I was rooming with Jess.” He shrugs. “I had to really lie on that one.” He takes his shirt back off and lies down on the bed next to Aaron.

"Should I be taking my clothes off too?" Aaron grins, glancing down the length of Adam's body. "Or did you want me to go and order pizza? You're rooming with her brother, so it's close enough." He slides a hand into Adam's hair and leans in to kiss him.

“I’d like pizza,” Adam says after he kisses Aaron back. He is hungry, but he also wants to spend some time with Aaron and talk. “Can I get pineapple on it?” Hey, it’s one of his favorite things.

"Hawaiian!" Aaron's stomach approves, and he gets one more kiss before levering off the bed and going to the door. "My turn to be right back." He leaves the door open on its jamb when he leaves.

His room is messy, littered with papers for class, clothes, and wedged in the corner, a keyboard with more papers strewn on it. These are lyrics, though.

Adam lies back, staring at the ceiling. He thinks about what they just did and he gets a little hard in his jeans. He was right - he’ll definitely be thinking about Aaron the next time he jerks off. He cups his dick through his jeans, but he doesn’t want to get too excited. That can wait for later.

Aaron isn't long coming back, and when he pushes the door open, he stops for a moment. "Oh. Uh. Am I interrupting?" The door is shut and locked, and Aaron just stands there, watching Adam on his bed.

Adam looks up at him and smiles. “Sorry. I was just thinking about it.” He’s not really all that sorry. “It was really hot.” He presses his hand over his cock again, because he figures Aaron would like to see it.

Aaron really likes it, and he asks softly, "Are you hard again?" He mirrors what Adam's doing, rubbing himself through his jeans for a moment, as if checking to see if his dick is on board with all of this. And oh, it is.

“Yeah,” Adam says, breathy and low. “I want... I didn’t get a chance to touch your cock. I want to go down on you. I like that.” He licks his lips.

"We have a time limit," Aaron warns, but he's already crossing the small room to climb onto Adam's lap, pressing their hips and lips together.

Adam moans a little and thrusts up. “I really love your body,” he says. “It  fits with mine.” He puts a hand under Aaron’s shirt, sliding a hand up his back. “You look amazing.”

"You sound amazing." Aaron licks into Adam's mouth, rocking his hips down. He nips lightly at the freckles on Adam's lower lip, one hand on the nape of Adam's neck and the other on his shoulder.

Adam whimpers, then puts a hand on Aaron’s shoulder and pushes. “Get off. I want to suck your dick now.” He’s turned on and demanding, and he really wants to do this now.

"Where did you want me?" Aaron asks, pulling back from Adam. He's loathe to stop kissing, but the promise (or demand, judging on the tone of Adam's voice) of a blowjob isn't something Aaron would turn down from him.

“Lie on your back?” Adam smiles at him, Aaron looked pretty hot lying under him before. “I’ve mostly done this on my knees, but since you have a bed...”

"...We can take advantage of it?" Aaron wrangles around so he's lying down, his erection pushing at the bite of his fly. "We can do anything we want. We've got all night."

Adam pauses, thinking about the implications of that. Then he laughs. “Wow,” he says. “Okay. But I still have to be at my vocal lesson tomorrow at ten.” He winks at him. “So we might have to sleep at some point. Or, I can just drink a lot of coffee.” He reaches for Aaron’s jeans and unbuttons them. “Anyway, let me get these off.”

"I even have a coffee maker!" Aaron lifts his hips when his jeans are open, helping Adam get them off. He wants to talk and watch tv and do this with Adam until they really can't stay awake anymore. Then they'll sleep and he'll drive Adam home or to his lesson. "Hey," Aaron says, to get Adam's attention, then catches him for a hot, open kiss.

Adam opens for the kiss, giving back as good as he gets. He loves Aaron’s mouth. He kisses Aaron again and nips at his lower lip. “Okay,” he says, and he slides down until he’s halfway down the bed. His legs are dangling off, but he doesn’t care. “I didn’t even get my hand on you before,” he says, wrapping one hand around and stroking.

Half of Aaron's lower lip disappears under his teeth, and he watches Adam's face rather than his hand. "True. I think your dick touched mine though... that's fun to do, too, that way. Just..." Adam's thumb rubs over the head of Aaron's cock and he loses his train of thought. "You can use your fingers again too. If you want."

“Maybe, yeah.” Adam’s on more familiar ground with blowjobs, but nothing bad happened when he fingered Aaron either. In fact, it had turned out awesome. “I’ve only done this twice. But I like it, it’s... fun.” He smiles again, and kisses Aaron’s hip before he licks at the head of his cock.

"I like sex. And I liked sex with you." Aaron's voice is tuned lower with the swirl of Adam's tongue, and he cards his hand into Adam's hair. "Do what you want to do. What you're comfortable with." He jerks in Adam's hand and against his lips.

“Mmm, okay.” Adam opens his mouth and sucks on the head, going slow. He really does love this, the power of making someone else feel good. He hasn’t even taken off his jeans, and his dick is bulging against the denim. “Your cock is amazing,” he says, and then takes him further, hand still moving.

"Thanks," Aaron breathes, fingertips tensing  on Adam's scalp. He spreads his legs apart to make more room for Adam, feet flat on the mattress, knees raised. "You have the sexiest fucking mouth." Soft lips with the same light smattering of freckles that cover the rest of Adam's skin. Suck, he wants to say, but the way Adam's tongue licks at his skin gives him goosebumps.

Adam looks up at Aaron, locking eyes with him as he takes Aaron in his mouth and starts blowing him in earnest. He’s done with the foreplay, time to make this worthwhile. He doesn’t take his eyes off Aaron either, but keeps the connection as he takes him further.

Aaron's breath catches as he strokes Adam's hair, working not to rock his hips. Finally, he looks away from Adam, head falling back, eyes closed. "Oh fuck, your mouth. Fuck."

Adam hums, then rubs Aaron’s balls. He watches as Aaron tips his head back, and he moves faster, wanting to make Aaron feel good. This is something he doesn’t have to ask how to do.

"Oh yeah," Aaron groans, hips shifting on the bed. He puts his hand over Adam's to get him to stroke a little. Heat burns through him, all of his nerve endings turned on and fired up, the faster Adam goes. "What if I told you that... oh god... oh god... we should fuck again later? All night. Adam."

Adam  doesn’t answer, Aaron sounds too close to take a break now. He moves his hand in time with his mouth, loving the noises he’s pulling out of Aaron. His other hand is rubbing Aaron’s balls and the place under it, dipping down to rub over Aaron’s hole. He can feel Aaron tensing and he thinks Come on. I want you to.

"Oh, god. Fuck me with your fingers, I'm gonna come." Aaron has both hands buried in Adam's hair, not pushing or guiding, but simply touching him to hold on. "Please Adam, I wanna come in your fucking gorgeous mouth." His words are unsteady and poorly paced; Aaron's teetering on that fine edge.

Adam has no idea where the lube is, but he figures that Aaron might still be loose and wet, so he presses two fingers in and crooks them. He looks up again, watching Aaron lose it. What can he say, he loves this part.

Aaron cries out, cock jerking on Adam's tongue, his orgasm hitting him hard enough that Adam feels it around his fingers, too. "Fuck!" he gasps, heels dug into the bed, shaking through electric aftershocks.

Adam isn’t great at swallowing, but he just needs more practice. He swallows about half and a little of it dribbles from his mouth. He pulls off and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, easing his fingers out. He’s hard as a rock in his jeans, but he smiles up at Aaron. “That was amazing,” he says. He’s not kidding, it turns him on.

Aaron nods unsteadily, dampening his lips. "How do you want to come?" He pulls Adam up to kiss him, tongue pushing into his mouth. The taste doesn't faze him; what he wants most right now is Adam up against him, as naked as possible.

Adam fumbles with his jeans, unzipping them and trying to shove them down while kissing Aaron. “Just jerk me off. And kiss me.” He nuzzles his neck. “I’m so hard right now.” As if he has to mention it.

Aaron knows where the lube ended up, so he spreads some on his fingers before fisting smooth and slick down Adam's cock. "I like it. It makes me hot to feel it." Aaron kisses Adam, pushing their position around on the bed until he can climb into Adam's lap. "Next time, I'll ride you. And I'll go slow so you can watch." He breathes the words against Adam's mouth, jerking him off the whole time.

“Oh fuck,” Adam says. “Yeah. Wanna see that.” He bites at Aaron’s mouth, pushing up into his hand. “Won’t take much... god.” He moans and closes his eyes, just feeling Aaron’s hand on him. “Gonna come, fuck,” he whispers.

"I'll lick it off my fingers," Aaron promises, chasing the bites back, wanting more. "Oh my god, look at you." It's a good thing the pizza is on its way, otherwise Aaron might just push himself down on Adam right now instead of later.

“Aaron...” Adam tenses, feeling it build. “I... oh shit...” He comes over Aaron’s hand, opening his eyes to watch. “Oh god...” He kisses Aaron again, soft this time.

And Aaron is good to his word, licking it from his fingers and palm before kissing Adam again. "You looked so good that I was getting ready to get on you..." But they've only got about ten minutes before the pizza arrives.

Adam laughs, tired and sated. “That would be great. Like, feel free to do that later.” He looks at Aaron and quiets. He wants to snuggle in Aaron’s arms and not let go. He’s kind of sensitive after sex. He doesn’t want to have to ask for a hug.

"Noted. You want to go to the common and wait for the pizza? We can watch tv." And find a couch that'll be good to sit nice and close on. Adam won't have to ask for a hug, but he'll have to make do with cuddling in front of people.

“Okay,” Adam says, and he kisses Aaron again before moving to get up. He pulls his pants back on and finds his shirt. He doesn’t bother with his shoes, figuring nobody will care. “Got the money, or am I paying?”

"First date. I pay, I think. You're staying here with me tonight so I'll pay. Mom and dad send money, and I work at this jam space just outside of the city for money under the table." Aaron enjoys the kiss, losing himself on Adam's lips for a moment. He dresses as well, wiping his hands on something he pulls out of the hamper and stuffs back in. "Ready?"

“Yeah.” He looks for something to wipe his hands on. “I might need to wash up before we eat,” he says, and giggles. Really, this whole night is almost surreal to him. He takes Aaron’s hand and they leave the dorm. “I think I worked up an appetite.”

"I definitely did." Aaron's hold on Adam's hand is firm, wanting it there. "The bathrooms are down here... I want to wash my hands... I have lube between my fingers." As they go down the hall, he points out everyone's rooms. "There's a lot of queer representing in this wing. Like, four out of the ten in this area." Himself included, out and comfortable.

“Wow,” Adam says. He’s not out, not at school anyway. He wishes again that he went here, but he doesn’t say anything. When they get done washing their hands, they go to the commons. The pizza’s not there yet.

The tv is on and a couple of kids are watching. Aaron drops onto one of the couches, pulling Adam down with him into his arms. He's got money for the pizza in his pocket, so it's just a matter of waiting.

The pizza guy shows up about ten minutes later and Aaron kisses Adam's hair before getting up to pay.

Adam is happy snuggled up to Aaron. It would be weird to be doing this in front of other people, but nobody seems to care or much notice. When the pizza guy comes, Adam’s a little disappointed that Aaron has to let go, but the kiss is just incredibly sweet to him.

Aaron grabs the pizza, then nods to Adam. "Back to my room?" Where they can take their clothes off and lie in bed and eat. Saushan whistles at Aaron and his ears turn pink, as if she read his thoughts.

"Give me that fiver while you've got it." Aaron laughs, relieved, and hands her some money.

Adam smiles at her, and walks close to Aaron. The pizza smells delicious and he’s as eager to get back to Aaron’s room as he is. When they get there he holds the door open. “Do you have any Cokes?”

Aaron kisses Adam as he passes. "This is the house that Pepsi built. There should be some pop in the fridge." The tiny barfridge that sits under a table with the microwave and coffee maker on it. The pizza is set on that table and Aaron gets out paper plates for them to eat from. Then he strips his shirt off.

Adam smiles at him. “So we’re eating naked?” He strips his shirt off too, then reaches for a soda. He takes off his pants too, and gets his food and lies back down on the bed.

Aaron takes a second to look Adam up and down, then he shucks his pants and gets his pizza as well. He stretches out next to Adam and smiles. "I guess we are. I like being naked with you." He's got a little tv on his shelf, as well as a DVD player. "I can put on a movie..."

“Maybe later. I just...I know we talk at Mia’s parties and stuff. But I like to talk to you.” He blushes a little. “If that’s okay...”

"How long have you known Mia?" Aaron asks. "I know her more through Jess... kind of like how I know you through Cassidy." He digs into his pizza, pulling the blanket across his hips for now. It would suck to drop hot cheese without it. "Last year I didn't go out much... just did music and hung out in my dorm. This summer when we came back, I started going to parties a lot more."

Adam snuggles under with him and takes a bite of his pizza before speaking. “I know her through Tommy and Nik. Tommy’s dating her now, but they were friends before that. And Nik knows her too. I didn’t start hanging out with them until the start of this year. They’ve really changed how I meet other people. I’m not as shy.”

"I'm glad you met me, then. You came across as kind of shy though... you looked like I was going to bite your nose off or something." Aaron nuzzles a kiss to Adam's neck before helping himself to another slice, unselfconsciously naked.

“I still need to get used to new people. I only hung out with drama kids before Tommy and Nik. They’re great guys. But yeah, before I wouldn’t go to a party like hers at all.” He smiles at the kiss. “I mean, I’m pretty comfortable now.” He grins at him.

"We'll see tonight if we get to sleep. Just how comfortable you are." Climbing back on the bed, Aaron kisses Adam for real, soft and open. "I still have that joint, too. We can smoke it after if you want."

Adam smiles into the kiss. “Mmm. Yeah, probably. That’s another thing, I never smoked much except at home before I met Tommy and Nik. My dad likes to share.” He grins at that. “He’s a strange guy.”

"My dad's an old hippie, but he doesn't smoke pot or anything. Me and Jess do, but I have no idea about my brothers. Why is your dad strange?" Aaron finishes his pizza and gets up to offer Adam another slice before it gets wedged into the mini fridge.

“Just...that he’s a Deadhead and he really isn’t like most other people’s parents. He’s hard on us about grades, and the rest is okay. He didn’t blink when I told him I was gay. That’s good at least. But mostly, he kind of leaves us alone.”

Aaron thinks about the way Adam describes his dad. "Are your parents still together? My dad had a bit of a hard time at first when I told him I was gay, but we're okay now. He thought that I'd just be sleeping with everyone and that I wasn't responsible. When he got past the fact that I wasn't, you know, sleeping around, that's when the issues with Marc came up. We ended up breaking up this spring before I came home for the summer."

“He didn’t like you being with your boyfriend?” Adam frowns. “My parents are breaking up. He’s moved out, but I’ve been to see him a few times. He still nags me about my homework, it’s normal. I think he didn’t care so much about me being gay. He just didn’t want me to get in any trouble.”

"Hey, you called me trouble," Aaron grins. "And you were definitely in me." He wipes his hands on a dirty t-shirt and cups Adam's jaw to kiss him. "I'm sorry they're breaking up. It sucks." He's quiet for a minute, then, "Marc was older than me. That's what dad didn't like. But me and Marc broke up because he didn't want to do long distance relationships."

Adam brushes his fingers over Aaron’s face as he kisses him back. “I don’t think my dad will mind that you’re older, if I ever tell him.” Adam leans his head on Aaron’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. That had to be hard on you.”

"Why wouldn't you tell him?" Aaron looks at Adam, then realizes that they're not boyfriends and there's no reason for it to come up. "It was his decision not to be with me, and I respected it, as much as it hurt at the time." Just like is the commons, Aaron kisses Adam's hair.

“I like that,” Adam says. “It’s sweet.” He nuzzles Aaron’s neck. “I’m really sorry you got hurt. I mean, I’m glad I’m here with you, but...” Adam’s not sure what to say. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. Me and Brad fucked around once, and I had sex with a guy at a regional theater production. That’s it before now.”

"Marc was my only. He knew how to do just about everything and kinda showed me as much as he could." It makes Aaron flush, talking about where he got his experience from. He tips his head to the side with a hum, fingers climbing into Adam's hair so he can guide their mouths together. "This is one of my favourite things to do."

Adam lets him guide the kiss, putting a hand on Aaron’s neck. “I like it. The guy at the theater thing didn’t want to kiss. I think he was afraid of what that would mean.” Adam rolls his eyes a little, obviously thinking that was stupid. “Oh, and I kissed Nik a couple of times. He’s just friendly.” He curls closer to Aaron and kisses him again.

"Nik," Aaron smiles, but then Adam is kissing him again. There's a bit of blanket between them when Aaron pulls Adam down and he leaves it there. They're just kissing, even if Aaron deepens it.

Adam loves the kisses, how sweet they are. He doesn’t know what going to happen after this night, if they’ll just go back to being friends or not. But he likes it. He doesn’t feel like Aaron regrets anything. He kisses Aaron’s neck before he pulls back.

Aaron makes a sound in his throat - kissing his neck is a danger zone - and then gives Adam a curious look. "Why'd you stop? If I had my way, I'd suck every freckle on your body."

Adam doesn’t really have an answer for him. He is sitting there with an open Pepsi in his hand, but that can be easily fixed. He puts his food down and curls up with Aaron again. He smiles and says quietly “I don’t like my freckles.”

"They look good on you," Aaron chides, leaning in even closer. "You have freckles on your neck," which he kisses, "and on your cheeks," the next to get Aaron's attention, "and on your lips." Aaron brushes their mouths together, light as a feather.

“I like the way you kiss me,” Adam says. “That sounds stupid.” But he doesn’t want to take it back, Aaron’s kisses are kind of addictive. He kisses Aaron again, a soft one on his mouth.

Aaron opens to it, a hand in Adam's hair and the other on his bare chest. He's glad for the blanket, it hides the way Adam's kisses make him feel. He touches his tongue to Adam's, tasting the sweetness of the cola he'd been drinking.

Adam likes the warm softness of Aaron’s mouth. The taste of pepperoni and soda is so normal and ordinary that it keeps Adam from thinking that this isn’t real, that he’s making this night up somehow. No, Aaron’s really there and so is he. And they’re going to be here all night. It’s fantastic.

Finally, Aaron reaches down to pull the blanket aside, sliding a hand down Adam's back to pull their bodies together. That's all, though, no extra motion or touching, not until Adam goes for it. "I had to talk to you," he tells Adam, hushed. "The first time I saw you, I had to talk to you. Because you're hot. I'm so hot for you."

Adam can’t help it, his eyes widen when he hears that. He still never thinks of himself that way, as hot or pretty or whatever. But he doesn’t disbelieve Aaron either, because he clearly means it. “Oh,” he says, not knowing how else to react. Then he kisses Aaron again, one hand cupping his face. “I’m glad you did,” he says a few seconds later.

"Me too." Aaron smiles, ducking his head to nip sharp little kisses at Adam's throat. Just below his collarbone, where he can hide it, Aaron sucks up a hot mark that'll bruise later.

Adam moans at the bites, gripping Aaron’s shoulder. “Fuck that feels good,” he says. He’s getting hard again, and he presses his hips closer to Aaron so he can feel it.

Aaron puts a leg against Adam's hip, pulling them together. "I should go out for Halloween as a vampire and just bite you all night." He scrapes his teeth against the soft spot below Adam's ear, then noses at the shell of his ear.

“Oh, I love vampires,” he says, and he nips at Aaron’s neck. Two can play this game. “You’re really sexy.”

Aaron tips his head back. He's a sucker for roleplay, dressing up and playing a part. He runs his hands into Adam's hair, messy now from Aaron's attention, pulling their mouths back together.

Adam takes over the kiss, making it deep and hard. He scrapes his fingernails down Aaron’s back and growls into his mouth. Then he cups Aaron’s ass, squeezing. From the way Aaron pushes back into it, he figures that was a good move.

Aaron likes being pushed around a little in bed, and Adam must have a bank of fantasies, because he's taking over like he's done it before. He tugs Adam's hair, pulling his head back to suck a line of kisses down to a safe zone to leave another hickey.

Adam does have a damn lot of fantasies and this seems like a perfect time to enact some of them. He doesn’t know if Aaron will want him again after tonight, so he’s going to make tonight something for him to jerk off to for months after. He groans loudly when Aaron sucks a spot on his collarbone again.

The timbre of Adam's voice sends a shiver through Aaron, and he rocks his hips up against Adam's. "What do you want to do to me?" He flicks his tongue against the fresh mark on Adam's skin.

Adam pulls back enough to look at him, and he’s already so turned on it’s hard to focus. “I want you like you said. I want you to ride me. I want to watch.” He ducks his head and bites on Aaron’s neck. “Please.”

"Sit back." Aaron grabs the lube again and pours some into his fingers. He rubs his hands together, wrapping one around Adam's cock and the other pressing into himself to remind him of what's coming. Aaron spreads himself across Adam's lap, giving him a view of Aaron fingering himself and also of being stroked off.

Adam puts his hands on Aaron’s thighs. He doesn’t take his eyes off him. Aaron fingering himself is one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. He can’t speak, it’s so insanely hot that all words have been driven out of his mind.

It isn't long before Aaron's three fingers deep, head tipped back and grip tight and slick on Adam's dick, jerking him off the same way he'd do himself. He's gasping, waiting for Adam to react, to say something or kiss him or touch his aching cock.

When Aaron gets three fingers in, Adam gasps in shock. It jolts him back, and he grips Aaron’s hip hard. Then his brain gets back on board enough for him to fist Aaron’s cock and stroke it. He still doesn’t say anything, but he looks up at Aaron’s face and licks his lips.

When Adam strokes Aaron, Aaron groans, "Oh fuck me, yeah," and pulls his fingers back. Adam's slick with lube and Aaron lifts enough to let Adam see him grasp him by the base, rubbing the head at his opening. All it'll take is a push and they'll be together.

Adam bites his lip and pushes up with his hips. He’s feeling a little hesitant now, but he doesn’t want to show it. He grips Aaron’s hips and watches to make sure he’s okay. “Good?” Aaron seems okay as he sinks down.

"So good," Aaron breathes, wrapping a hand around his dick. He moves up in little pulls and pushes down in longer motions until they're hip to hip. Aaron leans in as if to kiss Adam, but pulls back at the last second, leaning back to show Adam the way his cock slides in and out of Aaron.

Adam chases his mouth. But Aaron doesn’t lean back down, instead pushing back to give Adam a perfect view. It’s amazing and Adam moves with him, just rocking his hips. “Do you need me to do anything?” Adam moves one hand up and brushes his thumb over Aaron’s nipple.

Aaron shivers, shaking his head. He rests a hand on Adam's shoulder, bracing himself as he pushes all the way down on Adam, groaning low in his throat. This angle lets him take Adam as deep as he can, and he grinds against Adam.

“Oh shit.” Adam has to fight not to thrust up. Aaron looks so good and feels amazing. “I wanna... you’re so fucking hot.” Adam wants to say he wants Aaron again after this, but the words can’t come. This is almost too much.

Aaron pulls up almost all the way, then pushes slowly down, thighs trembling, skin tacky with sweat. "Fuck, tell me what you want. Tell me how to fuck myself on you." Before Adam can do that though, Aaron leans in and licks a kiss into Adam's mouth.

Adam lifts his head to deepen the kiss, tightening his grip on Aaron’s hips. He’s almost bruising them by now. He moves one hand back to Aaron’s cock and strokes it. “Slow. Do it slow.” Adam doesn’t want it to end, not yet. He fumbles for the lube, then slicks some on his hand before he goes back to stroking him.

"If you want me to go slow, then jerk me off slow. It feels so fucking good." Aaron pulls off to tease Adam a little, stroking him at the same time that he's rubbing him up against his skin, dipping the head of his cock in, then out again. Then he sinks down again, a little bit at a time, feeling Adam stretch him, fill him, and Aaron groans.

Adam slows his strokes, jerking Aaron in time to his movements. Adam almost wishes he hadn’t asked for this, because it’s torture. But it’s also painfully hot and Aaron looks beautiful stretched around his cock.

Aaron leans back again, steepening the angle and changing the view for Adam. He cups his own ass, holding himself open for Adam, then slides a hand down to palm Adam's balls. "God, I wanna come. I want to fucking impale myself on you and come until I don't know my own name." But he's still moving slow, his cock leaking and so stiff in Adam's fingers.

Adam moves his hand to touch Aaron’s ass where he’s inside him, and moans. “Fuck. Baby...” He doesn’t notice what he’s said, that he’s called Aaron that. He just keeps stroking him. “Let me know. When you need to come.”

Aaron goes back to holding himself open to Adam, rocking up into his fist and then down, slow, onto his gorgeous cock. "Oh god," he moans, pushing down so Adam slides across his prostate, over and over.

Adam is flushed and sweaty, panting on the bed as he watches Aaron fuck himself on his cock. “I can’t... Aaron...” Adam looks up at him. “Go. Fuck yourself on me. I want to see you come.”

Aaron's kiss is a smash of lip to lip, tongue to tongue and he rides Adam, gradually speeding up until he leans back again to give Adam the view of Aaron coming so hard he pushes Adam out a little, up his stomach and through Adam's fingers.

Adam cries out. “Fuck!” He’s on the verge himself, and he thrusts up once and comes inside Aaron, nails digging into Aaron’s hip. “Oh god, Aaron.” He watches as he slips out of Aaron, and he melts into the bed. “I don’t think I can move.”

Aaron's still leaning over Adam, shaking from the intensity of it. "I gotta... go to the bathroom. We... we forgot to use a condom and I've- I've never."

“Oh shit!” Adam looks horrified. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” Inwardly he’s cursing himself, because he was the top and it was his responsibilty. “Fuck.”

Aaron's shaking his head. "It's okay. It's okay. I just... I gotta clean up." It's not that he's worried about catching something, if Adam's a virgin and Aaron's never gone without a condom before. "It's my fault too, I should have grabbed one before getting on you." He kisses Adam briefly. "I'll be right back." On go Aaron's boxers and a shirt, and he slips out of the room.

Adam watches him leave, then curls up on his side away from the door. He feels like he let Aaron down, and he wonders if he should be here at all. He had been watching Aaron ride his dick, and he didn’t think about a condom once. Stupid, selfish.... He doesn’t want to see if Aaron decides to kick him out.

Aaron's five minutes in the bathroom, but when he comes back, it's to strip his clothes off again and get on the bed, spooned up to. Adam. "You want to hear the craziest thing? It felt... really good."

Adam laughs then, one short chuckle. “Good. I guess.” He puts his hand on the arm Aaron has around him. “I was afraid you’d want me to go. I’m really sorry. But...I guess it’s okay.”

"I wanna do it again like that with you, but this time, you know... I'll be expecting it." Aaron kisses the back of Adam's shoulder. "I guess this means I have to ask you out now instead of later, huh? Will you be my boyfriend?"

Adam has to move, to turn his head and look at Aaron. “You want to? I... yeah. Yes.” He smiles at Aaron then and kisses him. “We still need to- we don’t know that much about each other.” He feels okay about that though, that they’ll learn about each other.

That's part of dating, getting to know that person. "And you can call me baby, and we can have nights like this, and we can talk." Aaron urges Adam over onto his back so he can climb on and kiss him. "I heard you call me that."

Adam kisses Aaron back, gentle and sweet. “I did?” He looks up at him. “Oh. Good.” He nuzzles at Aaron’s neck. “I think I need to sleep a couple of hours. Do you still want to get breakfast tomorrow?” Adam feels good, happy. They can go out tomorrow and then see each other again.

"I'm addicted to Denny's. So, yeah, definitely breakfast. Get some sleep, I'm going to put some coffee on and find Jessica." Aaron dresses properly in a shirt, hoodie and jeans, and comes back to the bed to kiss Adam. "See you soon, okay?"

“Okay,” Adam says, groggy and almost asleep. After Aaron kisses him, he rolls back on his side to sleep. He’s relaxed and fucked-out, so it doesn’t take long.

Aaron finds Jessica and dishes everything that's happened - not in detail, it's his sister after all, and some things aren't meant to be shared - and they take off for Dunkin' Donuts for a late-night run. When Aaron comes back, he's got a tea for Adam and a latte for himself, and he's quiet when he shuts the door behind him.

Adam sighs in his sleep. He’s still pretty much out, but he can smell the coffee and it wakes him up.. “Uh,” he says. He opens his eyes. “Aaron?”

"Hey. Was I loud?" Aaron kicks his shoes off and sits at his desk to take Adam's tea out of the tray. "I got you a tea."

“No. But I could smell the coffee. I think I was ready to wake up.” He rolls over on his back, sitting up and holding his hands out for the tea. “Thanks.” He sips it. “You saw Jessica? How is she?”

Aaron rests his feet on the edge of the bed. "She's insane. She's working on choreographing this ballet piece to, uh, one of my songs. So she's awake in the commons talking dance positions to herself." Aaron takes his hoodie off and stretches out. "I thought about going to one of the music rooms, but... I wanted to come back to you."

“Thanks. Glad you did.” Adam sips his tea, comfortably silent. He’s a little tired and just generally content as well. “What time is it?”

"Not quite midnight, but close. Early." Aaron drinks his latte, setting it down on the desk so he can take his clothes off and turn on the tiny reading lamp, shedding just enough light to see each other by.

Adam finishes his tea and puts his head on Aaron’s shoulder again. “What do you want to do after my lesson? I mean, I’ll probably sleep all day, but if you call me later, maybe I can get out of the house again.”

"Come and sleep here with me. I'll probably be doing the same, and then we can go to this all-ages show tomorrow night." Aaron noses at Adam's hair, soft and silky against his skin. "A bunch of us are going."

“I will if I can. My mom might not want me gone two days in a row.” His father doesn’t really give a shit, but he’s living with his mom so that doesn’t really factor anymore. “I’ll have to at least go home for a while.”

"Sorry. I'm so used to doing what I want that... I forgot." Aaron kisses at Adam's lips. "Let me know, then. I'll call you if you give me your number." He grins.

“Yeah. Yeah, of course.” They’re dating now, so he’s not going to forget that. “Give me a call about five or six, I should be up by then.” He kisses back, loving the feeling of Aaron’s mouth on his. “You don’t mind do you? That I’m younger and I can’t just do whatever?”

"If I minded, you wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't have even asked you to come here with me." Aaron's kisses are brief and soft, with teasing darts of tongue. "It makes me want to make good use of the time I've got you, because I won't get the luxury of seeing you whenever once school starts."

“Good.” Adam enjoys the kisses, opening up to them. After a minute he pulls back a little. “Why did you ask me tonight? I mean, why now?” He’s honestly curious, because he’s like Aaron almost from the start.

"I wanted to make sure you weren't someone... I don't know, bad, I guess? I wanted you right away, though, I thought - think - you're gorgeous and usually people who look like you aren't nice, and you are." Aaron leans down to kiss Adam's neck, talking there. "Jess kept telling me to go for you."

“I need to thank Jess then,” Adam whispers. “I don’t feel like I’m good looking. I changed the way I look, and it’s been pretty recent. I don’t think my brain’s caught up. I don’t really know when people are interested in me. But I thought you were. I’m glad I was right.” He pauses for a minute. “I thought maybe you would be arrogant at first, because I always heard what a musical genius you were. But you’re not.”

Aaron blushes. "You're right, I'm not a musical genius, and I never thought I was arrogant." He deflects the compliment, and distracts Adam by lightly biting one of his nipples. "I thanked her when I saw her. And I like that your hair doesn't match." Fingers trail down from Adam's navel, thumb rubbing just above Adam's cock where the hair is light.

“That isn’t what I- oh.” Adam bites his lip at the touch right over his dick. “Fuck that feels good.” He puts a leg over Aaron’s hip, trying to get closer.

"I can't stop touching you." Aaron kisses Adam, pulling him up close. "You're addictive and I can't help it." He moves his hand so their hips can rest together, bringing it up to thumb Adam's nipple to hardness.

“Please keep doing it. You can touch me anywhere.” He moves his hips slightly, liking the friction. He moans at the feeling of Aaron touching his nipples.

Aaron ducks his head to tug one of Adam's nipples in his teeth, lifting his legs a little so Adam fits between them, giving him something firmer to rock against. "You're so hot. I'd go home from Mia's parties and jerk off thinking about you. About doing stuff like this." Adam's other nipple is plucked at with Aaron's fingers.

Adam lets out a breathy chuckle. “Oh. I thought about you sometimes.” He thought of other people too, he can’t lie. But Aaron did have a special place in his fantasies. He grinds up against Aaron’s thighs. “You feel amazing.” He’s kind of surprised they’re gonna go for it again.

"What do you fantasize about? What do you think about when you jerk off?" Aaron would bet that the sight of Adam jerking off would be insanely hot.  He's surprised as well, pleasantly so, that it feels like Adam wants to, because like Aaron said, he's addicted already to Adam.

Adam puts a hand in Aaron’s hair. “I think about...” he pauses as Aaron scrapes his teeth over his nipple. “I think about a lot of things. I think about fucking you. Or about us, like, in a club, making out.” He might like being watched. “I think about watching you.”

"What am I doing?" Aaron asks, moving up to kiss Adam's throat. "What do you want to watch me do?" Between them, Aaron rubs his hips up, making him hiss out a little sound.

“I think about...” he groans when Aaron rubs against him. “Watching you jerk off. Like, if you didn’t know I was there.” He laughs. “I’m such a pervert.”

"I jerk off with both hands," Aaron tells Adam. "I finger myself while I jerk off, like you saw. Sometimes I do it on my elbows and knees, like you're behind me." Not that it's always Adam every time, but Adam is here right now and the fantasy is him. "Sometimes I use a toy..."

“Oh fuck.” Adam’s mind is blown. “That sounds so hot.” It’s better than what he imagined. “Do you make a lot of noise? You sound so sexy.” He hopes that Aaron has a toy easily available. “I’d love to watch you.”

"If I get worked up hard enough I can get loud. Do you like that? Did you want to watch me jerk off for you?" The stunned look on Adam's face is well worth the idea of potentially getting one of his toys out and fucking himself with it. Or maybe Adam wants to use it on him.

“Yes.” Adam’s voice has gone deep and husky. “I want to. Do whatever you want, I’ll watch. And I’ll let you watch me if you want.”

"I'd rather suck you off while I do it. My mouth full of you and me, full of..." There's a shoebox next to his bed with toys in it, all in Ziploc bags. He pulls one out, roughly the same size as Adam. "...this. Does that sound good?" He climbs onto Adam and kisses him, toy in one hand and the other on Adam's shoulder.

“Wow.” Adam is amazed at the size of it. He thought maybe it would be smaller for some reason. He kisses Aaron back, biting at his lip. “Yeah. I want that.” Part of his mind is reeling at everything that’s happened in just a few hours. Just when he thinks he’s done everything, Aaron suggests something else.

"I need the lube," Aaron murmurs, staying close for more kisses. He feels around for it, then pulls back to give Adam the perfect vantage point when he pushes two fingers in.

“Oh,” he says, watching as Aaron starts. He wonders how he’s not sore yet because they’ve been at it for so long. “That looks so good.” And he’s just started.

The key is going slow and using lots of lube. Aaron figures they've gone through at least half the bottle at this point, and he uses more on his other hand to start squeeze-stroking his cock. Aaron groans, pushing his fingers deeper.

Adam groans too, just from watching. “I want you. I want you so much. You’re not gonna be able to get rid of me. I’ll come here every time I can.” He keeps his eyes on Aaron. “I want to do this all the time.”

"And I'll make you come and come," Aaron promises, curling his fingers up. He arches, squeezing around the head of his cock, the leak of precome lost in the lube. More lube on his other hand, and he pushes abruptly in with three long fingers. "Mmh, fuck..."

Adam moves up to catch Aaron’s mouth in a kiss. Then he reaches for Aaron’s nipple and tweaks it. “You look so good. You can just keep going, yeah?”

Aaron nods loosely, rocking his wrist and his hips at the same time. His head falls back and he closes his eyes, then asks, "Lube my toy? I want it really fucking bad."

Adam grabs the lube quick, lubing up the dildo and handing it to Aaron. He’s watched this on porn, but never in real life. But he’s here now, and it’s going to be amazing. He reaches for Aaron’s nipples again, pinching both of them.

Aaron groans, hips coming up again, cock jumping against his stomach. He all but shoves his fingers in, curling them, then pulls them out to rub the toy at his ass. "This is what you look like, fucking me. Come and see it up close." Then he pushes, taking it slow, legs shaking and dick throbbing.

“Oh God.” Adam is fascinated. Aaron is so far gone, so intent on what he’s doing. He does as asked and moves closer, touching the spot where the toy is stretching Aaron open. He kisses Aaron’s shoulder in a show of tenderness.

It earns Adam a smile, breathless and open, and he shifts his hips when Adam touches him. "Does it feel good? I feel... so stretched, like when you were doing it..." Aaron loves to talk, to tell his partner exactly what he's thinking and feeling, and Adam is so receptive to it. He jerks himself slowly, sliding his hand down to cup his balls.

“It feels really good.” Adam’s voice is breathless. He keeps his hand there and runs the other one over Aaron’s thighs, just touching him lightly. Then he leans in and kisses him. “You’re beautiful when you come.”

Aaron kisses Adam back with the kind of fervor that comes with pleasure, and shifts until he's on his knees, leaning over Adam. "Please let me suck you off."

“Yes.” Adam stretches out on the bed, spreading his legs. “Your mouth is so good.” He’s hard and leaking from watching Aaron. “Please.”

Aaron gets on Adam in an almost-69, so he can keep watching Aaron fuck himself with the toy. He swirls his tongue around the head of Adam's cock, licking up the salty taste of precome. "Fuck," he whispers, pushing the toy deep inside himself when he sucks down on Adam.

Adam makes a noise that is very close to begging, but he’s too far gone to care. He closes his eyes when Aaron first puts his mouth on him, but then he opens them to watch Aaron push the toy further. He bites his lip, trying to keep the sounds in.

Aaron, on the other hand, is making noises around Adam's cock, groans and purrs and humming. He twists the toy inside himself, the head of Adam's cock butting at the back of his throat. He pulls back, telling Adam huskily, "Hold my hair. Fuck my mouth." His cock is aching to be touched and he reaches down to tweak the head between his fingers, right in Adam's face.

Aaron’s cock is right there, and it shifts for Adam from watching Aaron jerking off to ‘why the hell am I just watching this’ and he leans in, sucking the head. He can barely reach, so he wraps his hand around Aaron’s cock too. Aaron’s mouth feels amazing and he wants to give back as good as he’s getting.

"God," Aaron breathes, cock jerking against Adam's lips. Then he dives down on Adam, bobbing his head, fucking himself harder with the dildo. Getting double-teamed by one person, how fucking hot.

It’s incredibly hot for Adam too, and he moves to take more of Aaron in his mouth. He doesn’t bother with teasing this time and just goes down as far as he can. He’s so close to coming, and he wants Aaron to feel what he feels. Or better.

The hot combination of the toy and Adam's mouth had Aaron making tight, begging noises around Adam's cock, and now he's using the toy hard enough that Adam can hear the impact of it on Aaron's skin. He's going to come, and while it isn't the jerk-off that he'd intended to do, it's agonizingly hot.

Adam takes Aaron as far as he can, then pulls off, jerking him fast. “You can come on me,” he says, the idea making him jerk in Aaron’s mouth. “I want you to.” He moves his hips, thrusting into Aaron’s mouth.

Adam thrusting into his mouth and the image of coming on Adam is too much to handle. Aaron cries out around Adam's cock, sucking deep on him, and he comes in hot spurts on Adam's skin. The toy is pushed as deep as it'll go and Aaron arches, swallowing around Adam's dick.

“Ah, ah, Aaron...” Adam’s face and neck are wet with Aaron’s come, and he can’t hold on much longer. The feeling of Aaron swallowing around him sends him over the edge, and he comes in spurts, shaking.

Aaron groans again, swallowing Adam's come, and when Adam stills, he pulls off and turns around, pulling the toy out with another groan. "Did I mention that I'm hot for you?"

Adam smiles and darts his tongue out to lick some of Aaron’s come off his face. “I’m hot for you. You’re so... you know so much. We’ve done all this in one night.” He still can’t quite believe it. “And... I think I need to sleep some more.” He’s almost entirely fucked out, and he’s not sure how Aaron can keep going.

Ever since Aaron discovered his sex drive, it's been high, and being with Adam supercharges it even further. "I like sex," he says, kissing Adam, come-covered or not. Actually, it's pretty fucking sexy, but the idea of sleep appeals to Aaron for now. "Just think what tomorrow night will be like, huh?" Aaron grins, getting some tissues for Adam to wipe his face with. "You make me feel really fucking good." Stretched out with muscles that'll be sore tomorrow.

“Oh wow,” Adam laughs. Just thinking of it kind of blows his mind. “It’ll be amazing.” Assuming his mom doesn’t keep him home, he doesn’t add. He feels happy and sated, and when he’s done cleaning up his face he lies back down, facing Aaron. “Sleep with me,” he says. Being left to nap alone was fine, but he wants Aaron’s arms around him.

"I'm totally ready to sleep." Aaron pulls Adam up close and kisses him. "I just have to set my alarm so I get you home on time." With that done, Aaron can fit a leg between Adam's and wrap him up in arms and blankets.

“Okay,” Adam says, and he kisses Aaron again. “Can you take me to my lesson? I can get mom to drive me home.” He’s forgotten they’re going to breakfast.

Sleep is always more important than Denny's, but nothing fixes a late night the night before with a Denny's breakfast. "I'm picking you up," Aaron reminds. "Breakfast, then sleep, then show tomorrow night. If you're up for it."

“I’m up for it. It’s more a question if I can go.” He hates bringing that up again. But it’s something they’re going to have to deal with, now that they’re dating. He wonders when he should tell his mom, then he pushes that thought away. He really doesn’t want to be thinking of his mom right now.


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Thanks for putting this up, doll! We have a lot of fun with this.

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