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Lead Me To The Water II/?

Title: Lead Me To The Water
By: [personal profile] i_amthecosmos and [personal profile] sarah_samedi 
Rating: Suuuuper NC-17
Summary: Aaron Bruno and Adam Lambert are party friends who take it to the next level. High school/college AU

"Time to sleep," Aaron says. "Tomorrow we'll figure it out." He kisses Adam one more time and closes his eyes.

“Mmm, night.” Adam falls asleep fast, curled in Aaron’s arms. His sleep is deep and dreamless. When the alarm sounds, he feels like he just went to sleep five minutes ago. “Uhnn.”

Aaron is blinking and blurry as well, a hand reaching out to smack at the alarm. "It's nine. You ready to get up?" He's got a great relationship with his bed; they sleep together all the time, and now isn't a moment he's ready to get up. Aaron's wrapped around Adam, the press of his morning wood up against his thigh not quite important yet.

“I have to be there in an hour.” Adam’s a little groggy, but he feels Aaron around him, and his hard-on against him. “I...ugh. I don’t want to get up.”

"How long does it take to get there from here?" Aaron talks against Adam's shoulder, kissing lazily at his skin. "Unless it's like, half an hour, we've got lots of time to get up."

“It’s ten minutes.” He doesn’t add that they have to wash up and stuff. But that might not take so long. He’s never spent the night with a lover before, but it’s not like it makes such a big difference with getting up. Except for the fact that Aaron wants him right now. Adam’s cock twitches.

Breath be damned, Aaron kisses Adam on the mouth, the sort of kiss that says good morning as well as asking for something else. More. Adam's like a drug and Aaron can't get enough. He reaches down and runs his fingers up the length of Adam's cock.

“Wow,” Adam says. He’s kind of surprised he can go again, but it has been a few hours. “I... I don’t even know what I want.” He kisses Aaron back. He feels tired and pliant and like he’ll probably do whatever Aaron suggests.

Aaron slides down Adam's body, kissing and licking at his cock before edging Adam's thighs apart so he'll fit between them. "Good morning gorgeous."

Adam groans and puts a hand in Aaron’s hair. “Morning,” he says, and strokes the back of Aaron’s neck before he goes back to touching his hair. He almost can’t believe this is happening to him - one night has changed a lot.

"Want me to blow you? Or..." Aaron shoulders Adam's legs apart further and licks from Adam's tailbone to the base of his balls. "How did that feel?"

Adam moves like he’s been shocked - a full-body jolt. “Oh my god,” he says. “Yeah, I wanna try that.”

Aaron makes sure the lube is nice and close, just in case, and he palms the backs of Adam's thighs to hold them apart while he licks with the soft flat of his tongue, swirling around the tight pucker of muscle between Adam's legs. "So good," Aaron murmurs, up against Adam's ass, then he licks again, rubbing with the pad of his thumb against a thousand nerve endings.

“Uh!” Adam pulls the shit out of Aaron’s hair, then relaxes his grip. “Sorry, sorry.” He bites at his lip to keep from babbling. He’s close to losing it already, and Aaron isn't even touching his cock.

"It's okay," Aaron answers, spreading Adam apart so he can press his tongue against the back of Adam's balls, biting ultra-gently there. Then he goes back to licking lines, dots, and circles on Adam's ass.

Adam’s panting and making a lot of noise. This feels better than he imagined, and he’s glad he’s with someone who’s so eager to do just about everything. He keeps his hands in Aaron’s hair, but tries not to pull so hard. It’s hard for him to keep his mind focused on anything except Aaron’s tongue on his ass.

After a few minutes, Aaron pushes with his tongue, not hard and not to push in, and then uses his teeth again. He moves up for a second, bobbing deep on Adam's cock, fingers rubbing the hard line behind Adam's balls.

Adam moves his hips, just rocking forward a little bit, and he slides one hand down to grip Aaron’s shoulder. He doesn’t know what to say, words have left him. It’s almost too much.

Aaron pulls off to stroke Adam, slick with Aaron's saliva, and he moves back down to lick between Adam's cheeks. They'll have plenty of time to clean up and get ready to go after this.

“Aaron,” Adam says, and he has to breath deep. “I can’t...please...” He has no idea what he’s asking for, no control over what he’s saying. “It feels...”

Hopefully Adam means to end that sentence with 'good', and Aaron nips one of Adam's asscheeks, squeezing the base of his cock. He licks Adam's balls, rubbing behind them again. "Do you want to come on me, or in my mouth?"

“I... on you.” He had done it for Aaron, after all. And as much as he likes to watch, he knows he’ll like this. “You’re so good.”

"Mmh," Aaron answers, licking Adam deep and long, jerking him off at the same time. "I like making you come. It'll be so hot when you come on me." The lube comes in handy now, used to stroke Adam, slippery and quick.

It almost hurts, doing this so many times in such a short period of time. But he doesn’t want Aaron to stop. He bites his lip, already almost there. “Baby,” he says, in a whisper. He knows he’s saying it now.

Aaron looks up at Adam, face flushed, lips plush with friction and kissing, and he rubs his thumb over the head of Adam's cock. "Come on me. I wanna taste it, feel it on my face."

Adam comes then, with a choked-off scream. He watches as he comes over Aaron’s face. It’s startling and hot and almost scary. He cares so much for Aaron now. He’s afraid it’s too much too soon.

Aaron wipes his face with his hand and comes up to kiss Adam. He licks his palm and wraps his hand around himself, using Adam's come as lube.

Adam watches, stunned, as Aaron jerks himself off. His hands go slack and rest by his sides. Aaron looks beautiful and Adam could give a fuck about his lesson now. But he has to be there.

Just like last night, Aaron uses both hands to jerk off, two fingers pressed to his ass as he fists down himself and back up. His expression is blank, determined, turned on. "I'll have to show you my other toys," Aaron whispers. "When we have more time. Fuck, Adam. Fucking kiss me, I'm gonna come."

Adam surges up and kisses Aaron hard, pushing his tongue in his mouth. He wraps his arms around Aaron and holds him.

Aaron arches in Adam's hold, moaning out his orgasm on Adam's tongue, and he whispers, "I want you to fuck me bare later." It's quiet and shaky but firm, and Aaron kisses Adam again, open and humid.

Adam holds Aaron to him, and blinks tears from his eyes. He’s emotionally overwhelmed now by everything that’s happened. He kisses Aaron more, then buries his face in Aaron’s neck. “Shit. We gotta go.”

Aaron's slow to pull back. "You okay?" Adam's face feels warm against his neck, and after screwing the socks off of each other all night, Aaron would be surprised if Adam said he's alright. At the very least, they're both exhausted.

“I guess I’m okay. It’s just a lot at once,” Adam says, then he shakes in Aaron’s arms. “I just... I’m tired and I didn’t expect this and I lost my virginity and I don’t know... I don’t want to leave.”

"You can always come back. And you can come out to my work and sing and see me there." Aaron hugs Adam tight. "You gave me something really special last night and I can't thank you enough for trusting me with it. I'm glad it was good for you."

“It was. It was.” Adam pulls back and takes a shaky breath. His face is wet, but he smiles at Aaron, looking innocent and fond. “Thank you. I’m okay, or I will be. I’ll wait for you to call me tonight.” He leans in for another kiss.

"And you're going to sleep," Aaron reminds. "Just like I will. And tonight, dress comfortable. There's going to be a lot of people there." He kisses Adam, pulling back to wipe his face. "I don't want to make you cry."

“I’m not sad,” he says, and it’s true. “I guess it’s just a lot to deal with.” It is, although he’s sure Aaron will call him and they will see each other again, the sudden switch from party friends to boyfriends is a big game-changer. Plus, losing his virginity. “Okay. We should go clean up before we leave.” He smiles at Aaron. “No breakfast today, I guess.”

"'course it is," Aaron smiles. "When I lost mine, I thought the world had kinda ended. That I'd never see anything the same again." He grabs clean clothes and throws them on, ready when Adam is. He even holds out his hand to hold.

Adam gets dressed, and takes Aaron’s hand. “I know. I keep thinking my mom will know just by looking at me.” He laughs. “I don’t know where I got that from.” They head to the bathroom/showers.

"Jessica knew right away. We get like that around each other, twins and all." Aaron shrugs. "She knew when she saw me last night, too. I'm just going to wash up... I'll shower when I get back from dropping you off. Did you want to go to Denny's after?"

“I should probably go straight home after my lesson,” Adam says. “I know my mom worries. Shit, I probably should call her.” He stops at the bathrooms. “I guess I’ll just wash up a little too.”

Once they're done, Aaron takes Adam's hand.and kisses his knuckles. "Okay. Let's go." It's quarter of ten, and it takes ten minutes to get there. "You want to call your mom first?"

“No, I’ll call her after my lesson. I can use the phone there.” He’s not worried, she’ll be happy to know he made it and didn’t oversleep. “And the faster I get there the faster I can see you again.” He grins.

"Sounds good to me." Aaron squeezes Adam's fingers and leads him out into the lot where the car he shares with Jess is parked. "So, I'll need directions. I still don't know the city that well."

“It’s North down Grant Street,” Adam says. “I’ll tell you.” He gives Aaron directions as he drives, and holds his hand as they go. When they stop in front of his vocal coach’s place, he leans in for a kiss. “See you later.”

"Bye." Aaron kisses Adam once, then a second time. "I'll call you around six. We can finish that pizza before we go. If you're allowed. I hope you are." One more kiss, and it's the last one, honest!

“Okay,” Adam says, smiling at him. “Bye.” He waves as he leaves the car, and goes inside. He already can’t wait to see Aaron again.

Aaron goes back to the dorm where he has a long shower and goes back to bed. The sheets smell like Adam, so Aaron slips between them naked, replaying each time over in his head. Then he yawns, stretches, and dozes off.

Adam goes through his vocal lesson with no problems, and then uses his teacher’s phone to call his mom. “Hey. I just got done, can you pick me up? How was last night?” He’s tired, but loose and happy too.

"Hey. You bet I can... I just got back from doing groceries. Last night was quiet, I watched a movie and ate a ton of popcorn. Did you have fun?" Leila balances the phone between her ear and her shoulder, putting food away.

“Yeah,” Adam says, and he’s sure his voice doesn’t give anything away. “We were up late and I’m really tired.” He’s also sore, but he’s not mentioning that.

"I'm glad Nik was there, sweetie. I'll see you in a bit, alright?" If there's anything incriminating in Adam's voice, Leila doesn't let on.

“Thanks,” Adam says, and then he hangs up. He sits on the couch to wait for her.

The car pulls up about ten minutes later, and Leila eyes Adam when he gets in the car. "Were you drinking last night, Adam?" Adam looks more than tired, he looks sensitive and sore. Intake headache! And if that's what they're doing at that dorm, then Adam can excuse himself.

“No,” Adam says. “I just got worn out.” He leans back in the seat. “I just need to rest a little. I’m okay.” He smiles at her. “I’ll be great after I get some rest. Oh, can I go out tonight? There’s an all-ages show everyone’s going to.”

Leila raises an eyebrow. "Who's 'everyone'? the kids from Cassidy's group, or are you going with your friends from school?"

“Cassidy’s group,” Adam answers easily. “Probably Tommy too, but I’m not sure.” He snuggles further in his seat - it feels really good on his sore muscles. “I can’t wait to get to bed.”

Leila pulls into the driveway and parks. "Well, we're back, so you can ditch me and go have a nap, little boy. You can go. Will you be home tonight then?"

That puts Adam on pause. He’s actually not sure. “I think so, unless things get out of control. I might have to call you. But yeah, I think so.” He wonders if he’ll have to call. He should have just said he wouldn’t.

"Alright. Go and sleep, I'll see you later." Leila kisses her son on the cheek, then ushers him.toward the stairs.

“Bye mom. I’ll see you.” He kisses her cheek too, he’s feeling warm and loving right now. Then he goes upstairs and strips off, collapsing on his bed. He drifts off soon, thinking about Aaron.


Aaron wakes up around five, so he cleans his dorm room a little, then goes to the store to pick up a few things. When he comes back, the phone in the commons is free, so he dials Adam's house.


"May I speak to Adam please?" Adam's mom tells Aaron "sure," and there's some muffled talking before the phone is handed over.

Adam’s just gotten out of the shower. He takes the phone from Leila. “Thanks,” he says to her, and then he says “Aaron? Hi.” His voice is bright and happy.

Aaron can't help but smile at Adam's tone. "Hey. I was just wondering if I could pick you up? What'd your mom say?"

“Yeah! You can pick me up. I have to call if I’m going to spend the night though. That’s me, I told her we might not be staying the night.” He figures he might have said the wrong thing to his mom. “What time are we going?”

"I'm ready whenever. Did you want to stay again? You're more than welcome to." Aaron peeks into the bag he's holding, plain and brown and... discreet. For tonight, maybe.

“I think I just didn’t want to ask to stay out two nights in a row. It might be okay though.” He’s a little worried about spooking his mom. “But yeah, let me just get some dinner and come over.” He tells Aaron how to get to his house. His voice is light and happy and Leila can hear him easily.

When the call is done, Leila asks casually, "Who's Aaron? You mentioned him yesterday, too."

“He’s Jess’s twin brother,” Adam says easily. “He’s at the college with her. He’s a music major, and he’s gonna pick me up tonight.” He goes into the kitchen. “Hey, can I help with dinner?”

That seems like a good enough answer for Leila, and she joins Adam in the kitchen. "Nah, I've got things under control here. Just go do your thing and I'll call you when dinner's ready."

Adam hugs her and takes off to his room to pick out his outfits. He gets on the upstairs phone to call Nik. “Hi. You going tonight?” That call eats up ten minutes of his time. He might be a little nervous waiting on Aaron.

Aaron pulls up and taps the horn. He's not ready to meet Adam's mom or anyone else in his family. Not yet, anyway.

“Okay mom, he’s here.” Adam kisses her on the cheek and gets his jacket, even though he has barely touched his dinner. “Don’t worry, I’ll get pizza. Bye.” He heads for the door. He couldn’t act more like he was waiting on his date if he tried.

"Hi," Aaron smiles, leaning in to give Adam a kiss when he gets in the car. "The show starts at nine... and I've got pizza in my fridge at home. You want to go there first?"

“Yeah!” Adam kisses him back and then pulls away. They’ll do more when they get alone. “I don’t think mom suspects anything.” Adam smiles at him. “Let’s go.”

Aaron drives back to the dorm, holding Adam's hand and steering with the other hand. "Did you sleep? What did your mom.say when you told her you were staying?"

“I said something before dinner. I told her Nik said we were staying at his place. I think she believes me.” Adam squeezes his hand.

Aaron lets them into his dorm, greeting people as he sees them. Once on his room, Aaron pulls his hoodie off, leaving him in a skinny t-shirt and jeans. "Kiss me for real."

Adam puts a hand on Aaron’s face and the other one around his waist and kisses him, soft at first and then deepening it. “Hi,” he says against Aaron’s lips, and he kisses him again.

"Mmm," Aaron answers, cupping Adam's face in his hands. He opens like a flower to the kiss, and eyes closed. "Missed you." The bed actually felt big with only Aaron in it.

“Yeah,” Adam says. “I couldn’t wait to see you again.” He keeps kissing Aaron, licking into his mouth. He doesn’t want to let go yet.

Slowly, surely, Aaron's getting hard from the depth of the kisses, and he pulls back to murmur, "I kept thinking about what we did. It was so hot."

“Mmm, what part?” Adam’s being coy, flirting with Aaron and making him hot. He’s never really been in a position of sexual power like this, and he’s enjoying it.

"Riding you... sucking you off with a toy in my ass, doing it face to face so you could get my legs up. And just making out with you." Aaron tugs Adam's lower lip in his teeth. "I had to buy more lube today. I didn't want to run out."

“Oh. Good. Are we even going to make it to the show?” Adam laughs, then he kisses Aaron again. “You’re amazing.”

"We'll make it to the show. And we'll come back here and I'll use a treat on you. You'll love it." Aaron kisses Adam, then glances at.the bed. "Want to try out the new lube? It's supposed to be super slick and heavier then the other stuff." He lowers his voice, talking right in Adam's ear. "I haven't jerked off this afternoon yet."

Adam groans and laughs at the same time. “You’re hornier than I am. I’m going to have trouble keeping up. Maybe.” He kisses Aaron’s neck, right over the pulse. “But I like it.” He steps back and pulls off his shirt. “Yeah, let’s try it out.”

Aaron tosses the whole bag to Adam, letting him go through it to find the bottle of lube. He also bought little finger vibes and packets of flavoured lube, and another toy. Off comes his shirt, and Aaron flicks his jeans open. "I can't get enough of you. You start kissing me this one way and I'm hard as fucking stone for you. Every time you've done it, it gets me hard."

Adam has to breathe for a minute. “Wow. Fuck.” He’s hard too, partially from kissing and a lot from Aaron dirty-talking. He toes off his shoes and starts pulling his pants down too. “Let’s get on the bed. Um, wait. What are these?”

"You put them on your fingers and use them to, you know, masturbate. I wanted to try them out, they're new." Aaron gets the rest of his clothes off and stretches out on the bed, wearing nothing but a half-smile. "Want to finger me with one?"

Adam looks at the finger vibes, then at Aaron. He smiles at him and gets his clothes the rest of the way off. He gets on the bed, over Aaron and kisses him. “Yeah.” He nips at his neck. He’s not sure how to do this, but it doesn’t look that difficult.

Aaron's not sure either, but the directions are straightforward: attach to finger, toy, or cock, and insert. For now, Aaron kisses Adam, necking with him with lips and teeth, dragging his fingertips down Adam's back to cup his ass.

Adam thrusts against Aaron’s hip when he feels the hand on his ass. It's automatic. He moans in Aaron’s ear, then starts moving down his body, kissing and nipping as he goes. When he gets to Aaron’s cock, he strokes it a couple of times before licking the head. “Do you want me to go down on you while I finger you?”

That's not a difficult decision. "Yeah." The new lube is still in the bag and Aaron is curious as to how it'll feel. "You turn me on so hard. Anything you want to do to me... do it."

Adam feels both turned on and oddly touched by that, and he kisses Aaron’s thigh while he gets the lube out of the bag. His cock is hard, and he reaches down to stroke it, then goes back to opening the lube and squeezing it on his fingers. “Gonna do this before I put the vibe on,” he says, and he slides one finger in, sucking Aaron’s cock at the same time.

Aaron's eyes roll back and he sighs, legs coming apart further so he can accommodate Adam's body. "I'm fucking excited that you want to try this with me. Oh god that's... so slippery."

Adam chuckles, because it really is - he feels like his finger will slip right out. He pushes it in further and gets comfortable, sucking Aaron’s cock further, tasting him. After a minute he pulls off. “Okay,” he says, and he gets one of the vibes. He turns it on and puts it on his finger before going back in. It feels weird, vibrating his finger like that.

Aaron shifts his hips, squinting down at Adam and the vibrator. "More lube, maybe? And rub me with it. I mean..." He bites his lower lip. "Do what you want. Fuck me however it'll get you off. And I want you to come in me. I want to feel that again."

“Okay, sorry.” Adam doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable. He pulls out and gets more lube, then goes back in, crooking his finger and rubbing. “Like that?” He grips Aaron’s cock with his other hand and sucks on the head.

"I like that," Aaron answers, and his voice is tighter. He stretches his legs out, further apart, feet flat on the bed. "Your finger feels fucking good... oh god- use two on me."

Adam moans and pulls out to get more lube, then goes in with two. He sucks harder, going further on Aaron’s cock. Even though he’s a lot more experienced than he was this time last night, he still loves giving head.

Aaron's cock jerks in Adam's mouth and he fights to keep his hips down on the bed. "Your fucking mouth, oh god it looks so good-" He doesn't want to come in Adam's mouth, but the insistent hum of the vibrator is close to his prostate and he feels hot and tight in his skin.

Adam pulls off. “Good? Want me to fuck you?” He’s be happy making Aaron come this way and then fuck him, but that might not be what he wants. Aaron did mention it after all.

"I feel kind of like I'm gonna come," Aaron tells Adam, breathy and matter of fact. "I bet we could put one of these on your cock, oh god." His dick jerks hard, leaking down his skin. "God, fuck me with three fingers, please."

“Yeah.” Adam can’t get the third in fast enough with Aaron begging him like that. He crooks his fingers again and licks Aaron’s balls before sucking him again.

Aaron cries out, not bothering to try and be quiet with the finger vibe rubbing against him like this. And then there's Adam's mouth, parted in a hot 'o' around his cock, sucking him like he's dying to do it, and when Aaron touches the side of Adam's mouth, he comes, tense and shaking around Adam's fingers and that fucking vibe.

Adam swallows as much as he can, easing out his fingers and the vibe. He kisses Aaron’s thigh and bites it lightly. “Fuck. I’m so hard now,” he says, and he comes up to kiss Aaron. “Good?”

Aaron nods, lunging in for a deep, hard kiss. "Gimme the vibe. If I wasn't about to beg you to fuck me, I'd suck you off with one of these pressed behind your balls. Imagine that."

“Oh, I’ll fuck you,” Adam says, voice low and husky. “But we can do that if you want.” He bites at Aaron’s mouth. “What do you want the most?”

"I want your gorgeous fucking cock in me. I want you to make me come again, when you come. I can do it." Aaron takes the vibe and slides it over the head of Aaron's cock, settling it on the sensitive spot below. "How does that feel?"

“Oh fuck.” Adam has to hold back from thrusting. “Feels fucking good.” He kisses Aaron again and sucks on his neck. “Okay,” he says, and he gets the lube. “Let me fuck you. I want to so much.”

Aaron tips his head back and groans, reaching down to touch himself, stroking his half-hard dick. "Look how you stretch me out. Fucking slide into me with your cock." That's what Aaron touches next, jerking him up to the vibrator.

Adam brushes a soft kiss over Aaron’s lips before he pulls back and lubes his cock, on his knees over Aaron so he can watch. Then he pulls Aaron’s legs up and thrusts in. He doesn’t go slow like last night, sure that he won’t hurt Aaron.

Aaron's face crumples with pleasure and he lifts his hips. "I can feel the vibrator," he says, broken and hushed. "Oh fuck." They've done it so many times in the last day that Aaron isn't sure he'll come again, but chances look good. And they feel good.

“I can feel it too,” The vibrator around his cock feels good and strange at the same time, and it makes Adam want to fuck Aaron into the mattress. But he doesn’t want it to be over too soon, so he just concentrates on keeping his thrusts steady, not going too fast. “You feel so good around my cock.” He’s not as good as dirty talking as Aaron, but he’s just getting started.

Aaron wouldn't complain if Adam fucked him into the mattress, but this is definitely good, especially with the vibe. He tenses up around Adam for a moment, then brings his legs up to deepen the angle of Adam's thrusts.

Adam growls when Aaron moves his legs, and thrusts a little harder. “Oh. That’s good.” He thrusts again, and rubs his hand over Aaron’s cock. Aaron looks beautiful to him, and Adam’s a little awed that he can make him feel this way.

"You like being this deep in me?" By this point, Aaron is hard again, and he twitches against Adam's fingers. "Do you want to fuck me hard?"

Adam looks down at him. “Yes. Fuck.” He moves so he’s over Aaron, and thrusts in hard. Then again, trying to jerk Aaron off at the same time.

With the vibrator and the force of Adam's thrusts, Aaron almost doesn't need to be jerked off, but he pushes his hips up. "Yeah, fuck yeah, I like it like that. I want to be sore from your cock." He gets up on an elbow to kiss Adam, and he asks, "how high do you think we can get my legs?"

Adam laughs at that, and says “Can you put them on my shoulders?” He has no idea how this works in the real world, but he has seen it in porn.

Aaron gets his legs up onto Adam's shoulders, comfortable in this position. The angle is at its deepest and when Adam pushes forward, the vibe on the head of Adam's cock slides over his prostate. Aaron arches, letting out a loud groan. "Oh fuck, right there. Right fucking there."

Adam cries out too, thrusting into Aaron, feeling like he’ll die if he has to stop. “Aaron,” he says. “I...” He doesn’t know how he’s going to hold on.

"Are you gonna come? Gonna do it in me?" The muscles in Aaron's legs shake as Adam bends him in half, and he reaches down to palm Adam's balls, pressing them up tight to Adam's body.

“Oh shit,” Adam says, and he’s coming hard, deep inside Aaron, and he pulls back quick before he loses the goddamn vibe inside him. He breathes hard, and just remembers to tug on Aaron’s cock.

Aaron gasps at the sudden sensation of being empty after the shivery feel of Adam coming in him. He arches his hips into Adam's hand, whimpering out a little sound.

Adam keeps jerking Aaron off, watching his face. Like before, he’s gentle and sensitive after he comes, so he’s just wanting Aaron to be okay, to feel good.

After a couple of minutes, Aaron makes an apologetic face. "Maybe I'm not gonna after all. Too soon." He kisses Adam, soft pecks of mouth to mouth, and pulls out the other toy. "But there's this... and the remote is for you." He gives it to Adam like a special gift instead of something silly and perverted, an arm around his shoulders and his mouth on Adam's neck.

Adam looks at it and wonders how in over his head he is. It’s almost comical, except that Aaron is kissing him and obviously is entrusting him with it. He holds it and holds on to Aaron, nuzzling his hair. “Okay,” he says, and wonders if to Aaron, this is love.

It isn't love (not yet), but it's definite like. He shows him the other part, the one that Aaron uses while Adam has the controller, and grins a little. "I always wanted to try one of these, too."

Adam’s heartbeat eases a little. It’s okay, he thinks. Maybe he’s still in the realm of a normal boyfriend relationship. “You’re going to wear this at the show?”

Aaron raises an eyebrow. That hadn't been the plan, but... "Do you want me to? Would that idea be hot to you, controlling my vibrator all night?" From the way Aaron says it, the idea turns him on.

Adam looks at him, and hugs him. “Will it be too much?” Aaron already couldn’t come just now, maybe he should wait. “I’ll do it if you want me to. But I can wait if you want.” He kisses Aaron’s cheek.

"I could totally try it... the ball's in your court here for controls." Aaron smiles at Adam. "Just remember, it's fun. Don't stress about it." He kisses Adam one more time. "Want to get ready to go?"

“Let’s eat some of the pizza first, I’m starving after that.” He grins and immediately relaxes. It’s fine, just a little weird. He hugs Aaron and then lets go. “How about, we take it with us, and if I want to I’ll tell you to put it in, like in the bathroom. I’ll let you know.” That sounds like a good compromise to him.

It's a great compromise, and Aaron agrees to it. "Deal." He grabs a Ziploc bag out of the cupboard beside the closet and tucks the toy and some lube sample packets into it, and that in turn goes into Aaron's satchel bag. He gets the pizza and a pair of pops out of the mini fridge for the two of them. "Here, babe."

Adam grins at being called ‘babe’. “Thanks,” he says, and he sits on the edge of Aaron’s bed and eats. He talks to Aaron, just relaxed chatter and gossip about their friends.

As they're finishing, there's a knock at the door: it's Jess. "Are you decent? Don't answer that, my spidey sense says you're not. Put something on, mkay?"

Aaron looks at Adam and answers anyway. "Gimme a minute, okay?" He pulls his clothes on and waits for Adam to dress as well. Then he opens the door and he and Jessica talk to each other quietly enough that Adam can't hear from where he is. She laughs and he shoves her and shuts the door, grinning. "She wants to drive tonight." Even though the conversation was much more than just that.

Adam comes over and hugs him again. He’s a little emotional and clingy now, but it’s been a wild couple of days. “It’s okay. I guess I’m ready to go.” He’s looking forward to it, it’ll be fun.

Out on the hall, Cassidy's talking to Jessica. "Tommy's driving, Aaron's driving. That's totally more than enough. You, me, Adam and Aaron - hi, guys - Nik, Tommy, Mia, Sutan."

Aaron locks his door and greets Cass too. "Hey." And he takes Adam's hand.

Adam goes over to Nik and hugs him. “Hi,” he says, then goes over to Aaron.

Nik smiles at the two of them. “Hi. You look happy.” Adam just grins at him. “You ready to go?” Nik’s wearing black eyeliner and looks sexy tucked under Cassidy’s arm.

"Super ready." Aaron pockets his keys and gathers up the people who are going in his car. "You're looking delicious, Nik." Even though it's clear to everyone that Adam had his attention, in the way he holds his fingers and the way he looks at him.

Adam is obviously returning it too, by the smile he gives Aaron. They get to the cars, and Adam sits up front with Aaron, with Jess, Nik and Cassidy crammed in the back seat. Adam spends a lot of the drive talking to Nik and Cassidy, but he holds on to Aaron’s hand.

Aaron doesn't let go until they get to Corktown and they all have to get out of the car. One of the windows of the bar has a rainbow flag in it, and Aaron points it out to Adam, slipping an arm around his waist.

Adam thinks about people from school, if they’ll see him, and then decides he can’t bother to give a fuck. He puts his arm around Aaron too. It’s not like people can’t figure it out. He takes out money to pay, but Aaron pays for both of them. He looks at Nik and Nik just quirks an eyebrow at him.

Jessica watches all of this transpire, and when Aaron goes off to the bathroom, she goes in for the kill. "So, you look both blissed out and terrified. I already told him to take it easy, but what did he do this time?" She tucks her arm in Adam's, talking low and confidential.

“I...” Adam isn’t sure what to say to her. “I just...Jessica, how much does he like me? Because he gave me this.” He shows her the remote control he has in his pocket. “I mean, is he in love with me? Because he’s giving me sex toys after one day. That’s a...lot.”

Jessica makes a face. "He seriously didn't even wait, what a loser." She laughs. "He really likes you. Like, really. But he's one of these people who's ridonk liberated when it comes to sex. A friend of ours that works at the Love Shack got him hooked on toys and stuff. Can I buy you a Pepsi?"

“Yeah,” Adam says, taking a deep breath. “I didn’t know what it meant, or if it meant anything. Thanks. Yeah, I’d like one.” He feels a little better now, because as much as he likes Aaron, he doesn’t want to feel pushed into anything, and now he doesn’t.

Jess gets two drinks and looks around for her brother. "You'll never meet anyone loyal like him. He just misses his filter sometimes. Like with giving you that remote grossness. I can't believe him, what a perv! But he's really great and I'm not just saying that because I shared a womb with him."

“I just kind of felt like I was in over my head.” Adam sips his Pepsi. “I didn’t think it was gross so much as kind of out of the blue.” Then he remembers that Aaron had only one other partner, and they had broken up months ago. “I guess he just wants to make up for lost time.”

Jess cackles. "I just don't want to think about my brother having sex. Hence, gross. Even if it's with you, which I'm so happy about, honestly. It's just how he is, honestly. Don't let him freak you out. Oh, here he comes..."

Aaron kisses Adam on the cheek. "Whatever she said, she lies. Don't listen to her."

Adam smiles at Aaron. “She was just telling me a few things about you.” He tries to look innocent. “Nothing bad.”

"Well, good. I wouldn't want my sister badmouthing me!" He takes Adam's hand. "Want to find a place to stand to see the bands?"

“Okay.” He squeezes Aaron’s hand and hugs Jessica around the shoulders before walking off with him. He leans in to whisper, “She told me the sex toys thing was normal for you." He grins.

Aaron looks at Adam, dumbfounded. "She did not. I can't help that I like them... but she doesn't need to tell everyone!" Then he laughs. "So what does that mean to you?"

“I didn’t know what that meant!” Adam is still laughing. “I thought...I thought maybe you were in love with me, honestly. Because that’s a lot, so quickly, for you to hand me a remote control. I thought maybe to you that was something you gave to someone you really cared about.” He shrugs. “I guess it’s not as big as I thought. That’s okay.”

"It means that I think you're hot and that you were so into everything else we were doing that it would be a fun idea. I didn't even think that it would seem fast. And..." Aaron catches Adam's mouth for a moment. "...I really like you. I am definitely in like with you. I'm sorry it freaked you out."

“I wasn’t going to run away,” Adam says after he kisses Aaron back. “But I wasn’t sure what you wanted from me. It’s okay now.” Aaron’s right, he was into everything. He kisses Aaron’s cheek. “Who’s playing? I don’t even know.”

"Five bands? Seven Foot Spleen, Topaz Connection and JFKFC are the ones I know." Aaron kisses Adam one more time before going to get a drink for himself, wondering now about the toy in his bag and if Adam will choose to use it. On the other hand, Topaz Connection are great, a bunch of guys from another dorm, and Aaron's looking forward to seeing them.

Adam kisses Aaron back, then waves at Nik and Cassidy, over near the other side of the stage. He’s pretty relaxed now, and he’ll worry about the toy later. He’s not really into these bands, but he loves music and musicians, so he’s sure he’ll like something.

The first band comes on, and they're solid rock, fitting comfortably in with Zeppelin and Sabbath, and after a while, Aaron finds himself dancing a little, just bobbing his head and bouncing on his toes. He keeps his hold on Adam's hand, pulling him close.

Adam nods his head to it, and he really likes the vocalist. Adam sings along on the chorus of one of their songs, and Aaron smiles at him. Adam grins back - he’s having fun. And Aaron looks great dancing a little awkwardly.

Aaron always likes hearing Adam sing at Mia's parties, but here, he can see how Adam could be a performer, even if it's Aaron's own same dream. Between songs, Aaron plants a soft kiss to Adam's neck, just below his ear. "Hi, babe."

Adam puts an arm around Aaron, holding him around his waist. “Hi.” Adam looks at him and he can tell from the look on Aaron’s face that he’d been thinking of performing on a stage like this. He was thinking about it too, but now he’s focusing on Aaron. “How do you feel?”

"Jealous," Aaron grins. "I have lots of music but no one to play it with." He claps for the band, then winds his arms around Adam instead, nuzzling at his neck, listening to the band.

“I know,” Adam says, and then puts his attention back on the band, with Aaron hugging him back to front. It’s a lot more comfortable than he thought it would be, out in public with a lover. It turns him on a little.

Aaron doesn't touch Adam inappropriately but he's open with his caresses, down Adam's chest to rest his hands on Adam's hips. He kisses the back of Adam's neck, the side, behind his ear, all the while listening to the music.

Adam likes it a lot, Aaron’s touches and kisses light but constant, and he puts one hand over Aaron’s, keeping him close. When the sets over, he turns to Aaron and kisses his hair.

"Hi," Aaron says quietly, just for Adam to hear, then touches their lips together. "What do you think, so far? Next band isn't great, so we can find a spot to sit for a while."

“Yeah,” Adam says, and they go to an area outside, a patio/smoking section where there are clumps of kids huddled together. There’s an empty bench and they go there to sit. “I’m having a really good time,” Adam says.

Aaron smiles. "I'm really glad you are. We do this a lot, and go to the pubs on campus. At home, I can drink legally." He puts his arm around Adam and tugs him close. The Corktown is a safe place for the queer kids that go to the school, so he's unafraid to kiss Adam out here.

Adam smiles against Aaron’s mouth. “I’m glad you asked me out,” he says, then kisses Aaron gently on the mouth. “I’ll like to do this again.” He nuzzles at Aaron’s neck.

It takes a world of willpower not to tip his head back and let Adam have at him, but when Aaron talks, his voice is pitched just a little lower. "We do it about twice a month, because of classes and stuff." Adam's touch makes Aaron feel warm under his skin, like he's blushing everywhere.

Adam brushes his fingers down Aaron’s throat. “I’ll like to go with you as much as I can.” He’s got school too, and living at home. He wonders if Aaron will ever want to meet his parents, but that’s way too soon to think about so he ignores it. “You’ll have to let me pay every now and then.”

Meeting parents is inevitable; Aaron's just not ready right this moment. He bites his lower lip, watching Adam's mouth as he talks. "Maybe I'll let you pay. Sometime." Aaron smiles, then leans in to tell Adam, "You haven't figured out that touching my neck like that is hot?" The smile turns into a grin. "Just so you know."

“Sorry,” Adam moves his hand. “I like touching you.” He figures Aaron must know that by now, but it’s still nice to tell him. “I’m not trying to tease.” Although with what he’s got in his pocket, he could go beyond teasing really easily.

"I know you're not. I'm glad you want to touch me as much as you do, I'm a touchy person too." Aaron kisses Adam, more open now that a few people have gone inside, then takes Adam's hand. "Want to sit out here in the dark or sit inside in the dark?"

Adam rubs his thumb over Aaron’s knuckles. “Let’s go back inside.” So they can get more Pepsis and watch the bands. But, it’ll be hard to talk to Aaron with all that noise. Oh well, they’ll manage.

Just as they're getting up, Jess comes out with a disposable camera in her hand. "There you are! I was afraid you'd gone to the car to make out while the band is on. The singer's pretty drunk and they're not that good tonight. Picture time!"

Adam puts his arm around Aaron and smiles. He’s totally okay with pictures. He leans in a little.

Aaron slips his arm around Adam and at the last second kisses him on the cheek. Surprise! And he'll make sure both he and Adam get copies. Jessica gets the picture and disappears back into the club, and Aaron kisses Adam properly. "I kinda like your mouth."

“Yeah, you’ve said that,” Adam says, smiling at him. He kisses him again, and then sees someone he knows just out of the corner of his eye. It’s Brad, the first person he’d done anything with. Brad pauses for a minute, and then waves. And before Adam can say hi to him, he’s gone.

Aaron doesn't question it, but smiles at Adam. "Someone else you know." Good. This might not be Adam's scene but at least there are people here he can talk to.

“Yeah, that’s Brad. We messed around once but we never really dated. We’re still friends.” He wonders if Brad disappeared because he was uncomfortable. But maybe he has a date too. He hopes he runs into him later.

They go inside and sure enough, the band that's playing is sloppy and not great, so Aaron waves down the people they came with to tell them that he and Adam are getting a booth. "That's Brad, huh? He's shorter than I expected."

“I like short guys,” Adam says, and then scrambles. “Um, I don’t mean...” Aaron’s his height, so that was kind of a gaffe.

"Does this mean I have to be on my knees more often?" Aaron slides into to the booth and holds an arm out to Adam. Here, they can kiss: it's dark enough to grant them a modicum of privacy.

Adam snuggles up with him immediately, loving the closeness. He’s the same as Aaron now, he can’t get enough of him either. He kisses Aaron gently, just soft kisses on his lips and face.

Aaron's hands find their way into Adam's hair, cupping the back of his head. When Adam's lips graze against his, Aaron flicks his tongue against Adam's lower lip.

Adam whispers in his ear. “You’re so sexy. You’re gonna kill me with sex.” He kisses Aaron again, opening his mouth to it this time. “You’re insatiable.” He bites at Aaron’s lower lip, obviously not wanting to do anything to stop him.

"I blame you." Aaron laughs a little. Death by sexy! By himself, Aaron's used to jerking off two or three times a day, but Adam lights him up like a Roman candle, and he really does feel insatiable. Aaron keeps his lips parted so Adam can kiss and bite at them, and he takes one of Adam's hands under the table, wanting to move it up.

Adam slides his hand over Aaron’s jeans, rubbing over his thigh. He’s not sure how far he’s gonna take this in public. And they can’t leave early since they carpooled. But Aaron is amazing and so willing to do almost anything. Adam feels turned upside down by it - from being a virgin to having someone this sex-crazed in his life. He likes it a lot.

Aaron shifts them deeper into the shadow, opening his mouth to Adam's kisses, sucking on his tongue. His hands sit on Adam's shoulder and his waist, holding him close. "Is the remote in your pocket?"

Adam can hardly believe it, but he’s totally on board with this. Public sex, what a turn-on. “Yeah. It is." He licks at Aaron’s mouth. “Go to the bathroom and put it in. Then come back here.”