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Title: Lead Me To The Water
By: [personal profile] i_amthecosmos and [personal profile] sarah_samedi
Rating: Suuuuper NC-17
Summary: Aaron Bruno and Adam Lambert are party friends who take it to the next level. High school/college AU

Aaron disappears into the bathroom, and the band is almost done when he comes out. But there's a certain way he carries himself that lets Adam know the toy is inside him. "Did I miss anything exciting?" He gets back into the booth and sidles up close to Adam.

“Mmm, not yet.” Adam kisses him, then gives him a Look. That’s all the warning Aaron has before he pushes the button of the remote.

Aaron jumps, banging a knee on the bottom of the table, then he forces himself to settle and sit like nothing's happening. He's pretty good at it, other than his fingers clutching the edge of the table.

Adam chuckles, but in a way it’s too sexy to be funny. He holds the vibration for a few seconds, then stops. He runs a hand over the front of Aaron’s jeans. Yeah, he’s hard. “I wonder how much you can take,” he whispers.

Aaron takes a breath before answering. "I'm wondering, too. Wanna kiss me?" With the vibration off, the toy is a pleasant ache down below, and Aaron sits more firmly on it.

Adam kisses him, long and slow, his tongue touching Aaron’s. He pulls back a little and hits the button again. “I could do this all night, teasing you with this.”

Aaron leans in so Adam can hear him. "It makes me want to rub one out. The kind that takes a while because you want to draw it out. Fuck, I'm so hard, Adam." He ducks his head to kiss Adam's neck.

Adam moans at the kiss. “Undo your jeans. Just enough to let your cock out. Do it.” He’s gotten awfully bossy over a short period of time, but Aaron likes it. He waits a minute for Aaron to do it. “Good.”

"I just don't want to get caught," Aaron whispers in Adam's ear. "We should go to the car..." But being in here is exciting with the prospect of being caught. They have to be so careful right now.

“Yeah,” Adam says, pausing. Getting caught would be bad. He’s technically underage, so at worst Aaron could get into serious trouble. At best, they’ll get kicked out. “Okay. Pull them up. We’ll go to the car. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He has to remember that Aaron will do almost anything and he needs to set limits sometimes.

"You want to watch me jerk off a little out there, while you've got the controller? There's a speed control on it too." As soon as Aaron tells Adam that, he regrets it. This is going to be a long night.

Adam smiles at him then, a wicked one that’s much different than the sunny, innocent one he often has. “That’s interesting to know. Let me know when you’re ready to go out. Will they let us back in?”

"Yeah, we got stamped. I want to dance a little before taking off, that way it doesn't seem too, like, obvious." Adam's smile sends a stab of heat to Aaron's guts, and he knows he's in trouble.

Adam takes Aaron’s hand and leads him back to the floor. Adam’s not as used to dancing to rock, but he likes dancing with Aaron. It’s fun and he concentrates on that instead of the remote in his pocket.

It's all classic rock, stuff that anyone would know, being played by the dj while one band tears down and the next sets up. Aaron's erection doesn't go away and he touches Adam, holding him close while they dance.

You can really grind to “Walk This Way”, and Adam wraps an arm around Aaron and gets close. He can feel Aaron’s hard-on and he nuzzles at the spot under his ear.

Now Aaron tips his head back, sighing loud enough for Adam to hear, and says, "Am I going to be begging for it by the time we go?" He shifts his hips, feeling the stretch of the toy in him, and actually, stupidly wishes Adam would turn it on.

“Shhh baby,” Adam says. “I won’t make you wait long.” He rubs the small of Aaron’s back. “It’ll be okay.”

After Aerosmith is some Lynyrd Skynyrd, and it's Aaron's turn to nuzzle at Adam's neck, grinning. He can exact a little bit of revenge, talking right into Adam's ear. "You want to fuck me from behind in the car? Or did you want me to blow you while you use the vibe on me?"

“Fuck,” Adam groans. “I don’t know.” He hadn’t thought of fucking Aaron in the car, but now it’s something he can’t get out of his mind. Both options sound amazing to him right now.

"Think about it," Aaron grins. "And let me know." For now, he moves his hips to feel Adam against him and to feel the toy, but the music makes for good camouflage. "I even have lube... if I'm not already slick enough for you..."

Adam strokes down Aaron’s back, gentle. Aaron is driving him crazy, but he tries to keep his cool. And yes, he can feel Aaron’s hard dick against him. “You brought lube. You’re amazing.” And nuts, but he doesn’t say that part.

"For the toy," Aaron explains. "I had to fuck myself with it a little to push it in. I did it bent over in one of the stalls and had to bite my cheek to keep from, mmmh, groaning loud enough for anyone to hear. I even jerked off a little so I'd be on edge for you."

“Fuck,” Adam says. “You’re always on edge for me.” It’s the truth. He runs his hand from Aaron’s back to his ass.

"Not here," Aaron says. "If you go near that thing, I will get on you, and this isn't that sort of club." He laughs. "I think I might need some fresh air again though." Aaron sees Jess watching them and he pokes his tongue out at her.

Adam moves his hand and then takes a couple of steps toward the door. He looks back and sees Jess and shrugs, as if this wasn’t partially his idea. He takes Aaron’s arm and leads him out.

It's a mostly-legit reason to come outside: the air feels good on Aaron's flushed skin and he breathes for a moment, eyes closed. "I feel like I'm about to break my fucking zipper."

Adam rubs his back again, light and soothing. “Let’s get you where we can take care of that.” He’s trying to be sweet and caring even in a situation as perverted as this one. He even opens the car door for Aaron.

Aaron sits down with a groan, and  he grins loosely at Adam. "Who says I wanted it taken care of right now? Maybe... maybe. Maybe I can wait." He laughs. "Maybe." Aaron reaches for a kiss from Adam, open with a little bit of teeth, a hand fisted in the front of Adam's t-shirt.

Adam is a little surprised at Aaron’s turning the tables and taking over, but he relaxes into it, letting Aaron bite at his lips. He tries to pull Aaron closer, and kisses him back just as hard.

Aaron pulls Adam into the backseat of the car, and even though the lot is poorly lit, they're still in public. "Why did you want me to take my cock out? Did you want to see it, or touch me?" He licks into Adam's mouth. "Or did you ask just to see if I would?"

“I want to touch you,” Adam says, and he kisses Aaron, open and wet. “I want to see you and get you off.” Aaron is making him feel like a novice again. He tries to regain control by hitting the remote button.

Out here, Aaron can react, and he groans, cupping himself through his jeans. "Fuck, oh fuck. It feels good- like I can feel it everywhere." His knees come apart and he rubs his cock through his pants. "Can I go down on you?"

“Yeah,” Adam says, and he fumbles to undo his jeans. “You so can.” He laughs a little at his own eagerness. “I can’t believe this is my life now.” He grins at him. “Two days ago nobody would touch me.”

"And now you've got someone who can't keep his hands to himself." Aaron motions for Adam to kneel across his lap. That way they both fit and Aaron can suck Adam's cock. "I'm fucking hungry for it. I feel like a slut for you." The toy still buzzes in him and he groans again.

Adam still doesn’t understand what makes him so special, but he’s not going to argue with someone who wants him all the time. He pulls his jeans down and kisses Aaron, licking at his mouth. “I love it with you. You’re so good.”

Aaron learned from someone with a lot of knowledge, and he's happy to pass it on to someone he genuinely likes. His lips are still parted after the kiss, ready for Adam's cock. Below, his hips rock slightly, pushing the toy inside him.

Adam moves up a little and positions his cock near Aaron’s mouth. “Suck me,” he says, as if it was all his idea. He steadies himself with a hand on Aaron’s shoulder, and he plays with the remote button, turning it off and on in short bursts.

Aaron's already panting, and he takes hold of the base of Adam's cock and sucks down on him. The one thing Aaron doesn't do is touch himself. He's afraid he'll go off like a rocket if he does. His other hand holds Adam's hip, pulling him forward into his mouth.

After a minute Adam can’t concentrate on flipping the button, so he just leaves it running. He hasn’t messed with the top speed yet, and Aaron’s probably glad. But now he’s feeling Aaron take him down, and he has to close his eyes, mouth open and moaning.

Aaron bobs on Adam, cheeks hollow with suction. He presses his tongue to the flare of Adam's cockhead, swirling his tongue across it. He cups Adam's balls, dragging his fingertips lightly across them, and shifts his hips again. "Fuck."

“Ah!” Adam can barely handle it, and they haven’t even been doing this long. “Aaron, fuck, your mouth.” He makes all the noise he wants, figuring nobody will hear him.

"Fuck my mouth," Aaron echoes, but it comes out sounding very different. The problem is, they're in a car, not anywhere private, and even though the windows are steamed, there's nothing covert about what they're doing. Aaron licks up and down Adam's gorgeous cock before bobbing down again.

Adam doesn’t really understand what Aaron’s said, but he thrusts forward, not too hard because he’s afraid the angle’s too much. But Aaron doesn’t seem to mind, so he thrusts again, sharper. His noises attract a couple of curious people outside, but he doesn’t know that.

"Mhm," Aaron encourages, using his free hand to smack Adam's ass. He wants to move his hips like that? Aaron can take it, and more. The sound of Adam's voice has him rocking his hips again, moving into nothing but down onto the vibrating toy, and he groans around Adam's cock.

"Ah, ah, Aaron-” Adam isn’t going to last too long like this, and he keeps thrusting. After another minute of fucking Aaron’s mouth, he goes still, and cries out when he comes.

Aaron swallows, reaching down to push at the toy inside him through his clothes. "Tell me you'll fuck me hard when we get back. I want your cock in me." Aaron licks his lips, leaning in to kiss the pan of Adam's hips. "Kiss me?"

Adam sighs, and moves down for a kiss. “Hey,” he says, pressing his lips to Aaron’s. Aaron is messy with his come but he doesn’t care.

Aaron has a brilliant idea. "My work is about six blocks from here... I have keys..." To jam spaces with couches and locks on the doors. And? Soundproof. The toy still vibrates inside Aaron and he presses at the base of it again, groaning.

“We have to be back to take everyone to the dorms later,” Adam says, but he doesn’t argue with the idea of going. He gets off Aaron and pulls his pants back on. He moves to the front of the car, turning off the vibrator. “Yeah, we should go.”

"I'll get Jess to call my pager... the place is open 24 hours and they call me to unlock the place when someone wants in." Aaron opens the door and gets out, much to the looks of some people smoking in the lot.

Adam doesn’t notice the looky-loos and just leans back in the seat, tired from coming again so soon. It hasn’t been that soon, but Aaron can be a lot to handle, as he’s learning. He drifts off into a nap before Aaron comes back.

"Hey babe, we can go." He gets in the car, breath catching when he sits again, and he starts the car. "You okay there? Want to stop and get coffee on the way?"

Adam wakes up at the sound of the engine. “Oh. I didn’t mean to sleep. Yeah, coffee probably.” He rubs his eyes. “Sorry.”

"Don't be. Both Jess and I have a lot of energy to spare." Aaron pulls out of the lot and through a drive through for coffees for them both. It might be another late night, especially with those finger vibes. The lot of his work is empty and the building dark when they pull up, and Aaron gets out his keys. "Come in. It's soundproof."

Adam gets out of the car, sipping his coffee. He’s still tired and kind of loose. He wonders how many fuck marathons with Aaron he can take in two days. But still, he’s not really complaining. He reaches out and rubs Aaron’s back again as he opens up the door.

Aaron relishes the touch, turning his head to smile at Adam as he lets them in. "This is where I do all my music." It's perfectly quiet, with five or six practice rooms that are padded for sound.

Adam wakes up then, eyes wide at the sight of a studio. “Oh,” he says. “It’s awesome.” He grins and kisses Aaron’s cheek. “Take me here sometimes when it’s open. Wow.” Then he kisses Aaron on the mouth, not forgetting why they’re here now.

"It's always open," Aaron tells Adam. "There just isn't anyone here right now." He opens to the kiss, taking one of Adam's hands and putting it on his ass. "Just you and me."

Adam squeezes Aaron’s ass and nips at his mouth. “I really like you,” he says, then laughs. “That sounds kind of cheesy under the circumstances. But I really do.” He sees a couch and walks Aaron backwards to it. “What do you want to do now?”

"Kiss me." It's the first thing Aaron can think of. "I really like you too... otherwise neither of us would be here, right?" He captures Adam's mouth, lips parted, hands coming up to Adam's hair.

Adam kisses back. He’s learned Aaron’s mouth over the past two nights, how it feels against his, his slightly pouty lips that are made to be nibbled on. He kisses him over and over, then moves down to Aaron’s neck, rubbing his nose over the pulse.

"Shit," Aaron breathes, knees trembling. He's so hard it aches into his back and he tips his head back, hands buried tight in Adam's hair. "Oh fuck, Adam, I feel like I'm gonna come out of every fucking pore in my body. That's how you make me feel."

Adam looks up at Aaron’s face and kisses him again, soft and sweet. “Do you want me to blow you? With the vibrator on? ‘Cause I’ll do it. I’ll love it. I’ll do it as much as you want me to.”

Aaron nods before thinking about it, and even when he does think about it, it's a good idea. "Turn it on now. Let's see how it feels."

Adam flicks the remote back to on, and watches Aaron’s reaction. He jumps a little, like the first time Adam did this.

"Fuck. Okay. I'm." Aaron starts to unfasten his jeans, pushing them down his hips. There's a wet spot on the front of Aaron's boxers over the head of his cock, and he thumbs his boxers down as well. "I'm so fucking hard for you, and this toy is..." Aaron groans, reaching back to press on it.

“Sit down. I’ll suck you off.” Seeing Aaron like this is turning Adam on all over again. “You’re so hot, I can’t handle it hardly.” Adam drops to his knees, looking up at Aaron.

Sitting means putting pressure on the toy, and Aaron's head falls back as he spreads his knees wide for Adam. "You make me this hot. I can't believe we're doing this." His hands card into Adam's hair. "There's so much stuff I want to try with you." And just thinking about some of them makes Aaron's cock jerk hard.

“Okay,” Adam says, then he sucks down on Aaron’s cock. He can feel the vibrations from the toy, a faint buzz as he moves his mouth down and up. He rubs his thumb against Aaron’s balls. When he looks up at him, Aaron’s eyes are closed tight.

"Oh fuck yeah, touch me like that." Aaron's legs spread further and he runs his hands through Adam's hair. "Your mouth... so hot..." He reaches down, pushing against the base of the toy again, and he jerks on Adam's tongue. "Fuck... yes."

Adam loves the soft touch on his hair and the hotness of Aaron in his mouth. He rubs Aaron’s balls, and then back to the place between them and his ass. Adam can feel the vibes from there, stronger. He keeps sucking Aaron’s cock, moving faster.

Aaron looks down at Adam and shudders out a sound. "You look so hot blowing me, and that toy- fuck-" His hips arch up. "I wish it was your cock. I wish you'd bend me over the couch and fuck me."

Adam pulls off. “Do you mean that?” His dick is hard again, even after coming so soon. “If you mean it, get up and bend over the couch.” He is totally on board with this if Aaron is.

Aaron licks his lips, thinking about it, and then he twists around, back arched and hips jutted back, the base of the toy buzzing In him. "There's more lube in my bag. I wasn't sure how much to bring with the toy. So there's actually kind of a lot."

Adam gets the lube out of Aaron’s bag, then finds the bag for the toy. He turns it off and then is careful about taking it out. When he’s gotten it put away, he lubes his cock. “All right,” he says, and pushes inside Aaron slowly, hoping he’s not sore.

Not sore, no. The toy is slimmer than the one Aaron had used last night, and Adam stretches Aaron out when he sinks in. "Shit, fuck," Aaron breathes, pushing back onto Adam. "I want you so bad."

Adam groans and thrusts in further. “You got me. Just ask, and I’ll do it.” Whenever he can, whenever he can get time, but there’s no time to think about that now. He pushes inside Aaron again. “Fuck you feel so good.”

Aaron groans too, arching his back and tilting his hips back, spreading his knees so he's got better leverage to push back on his cock. "Hold me open," he breathes to Adam. "Stretch me out, see how your cock does it? It feels like you barely fit, and it's fucking perfect."

Adam lets out a breathy chuckle. “Make me sound like I’m a porn star.” He grunts, holding Aaron open. “This is so hot. You’re so hot.” He can barely stand it sometimes.

"Make me feel like a porn star," Aaron growls, spine curving when their bodies come together. There's a brush of skin where their balls touch, and Aaron reaches down to cup Adam's.

Adam makes needy noise when Aaron does that, and he thrusts in harder. “God. Jerk yourself off. Come.” He wants to see it.

Balanced on his knees, Aaron pushes back, jarring against Adam. He jerks himself off in quick, hard strokes, squeezing around the head of his dick. "Oh god, fuck me, Adam- your fucking cock-"

Adam grabs Aaron’s hips hard as he fucks into him hard. “Come on, come on,” he chants. “You’re amazing, you’re so amazing. Baby...” He’s so close himself.

Neither of them are quiet, the clap of their bodies and the gasp of their breath, and of course, the noises that come out of both of them, louder the closer they both get.

Aaron cries out, spreading himself wide for Adam when he comes, back bowed and shaking, fingers and toes curled. "Adam, fuck yes, oh god-"

Adam reaches a hand around to feel Aaron come on his fingers. Then he pushes into him, again and again, until he’s coming inside. “Fuck, Aaron... yeah. Oh. Yes.” He feels himself shake as he comes inside Aaron.

This is the sensation Aaron was waiting for, Adam's hips pressed right up to his, the jerk of his orgasm like a secret shared between them. It makes his cock jerk weakly and he laughs, low and shaky. "I like you so much."

“I like you,” Adam says, and he kisses over Aaron’s shoulder blade before he pulls out. There’s some Kleenex in Aaron’s bag, and he tries to clean him up with that. He looks at Aaron, open and vulnerable looking under him, and wonders how long it will be  before he’s in love with him. “I really like you,” he says again.

Aaron pulls Adam down onto the couch with him and kisses him open and deep. He's wondering the same thing about Adam; he knows what love is like though, or thought he did, because this is so different. "I'm glad you're staying with me again tonight."

“Yeah,” he says, and he wonders if his mom is really okay with it, although she said yes. “It’ll be great. I might sleep more though.” He’s already tired again, all the orgasms making him sleepy. “But I like sleeping with you.” He kisses Aaron, mouth soft on his.

"I don't snore or kick or steal the covers." Aaron smiles into the kiss. "You can sleep as much as you need to. I'll be up, but I'll stay in my room with you."

“Okay,” Adam says, and he leans in for another kiss. “You’re good to spoon with too.” He grins at him. “Far as I know, I’ve never slept with anyone overnight except Danielle.”

"Who's Danielle? And not even Nik?"  That surprises Aaron. "Why spoon when forking is so much more fun?" He grins, kissing Adam's neck. "Should we get back to the club, you think? Jess is already snotty that I left."

“Danielle’s my best friend. And yeah, I have crashed with Nik. He gets drunk and sleeps right on top of me if he gets a chance.” Adam laughs. “He’s clingy.” He smiles at the neck kiss. “Yeah. Let’s go back. Do you need to clean up?”

"Yeah." Aaron takes a minute to clean himself up, tossing the tissues in the garbage. Redressed, he kisses Adam again. "Just remember what I said about the finger vibe and a blowjob."

Adam laughs, but he’s almost fucked out already. “Okay.” He pulls his clothes back on, trying to fix them, and hugs Aaron before taking his hand. “Let’s go back.” He wants to go and find Nik - he needs to dish.

The ride is short, and both Nik and Cassidy ate outside smoking when Aaron pulls up. At  the door, Aaron kisses Adam. "I'd better talk to Jessica before she kills me. See you inside, okay?"

“Okay.” Adam smiles at the kiss, and then lets him go inside. “Hey,” he says to Nik, and he gives him a side hug. “You won’t believe all this.” And then he whispers into Nik’s ear while he laughs.

"Hello, it's rude to tell secrets in front of other people... I want in on the gossip too, you know." Cassidy lights a cigarette and rests an arm around Nik's shoulders.

Adam keeps it simple. “I lost my virginity to Aaron last night, and since then we’ve been fucking each other’s brains out.” It’s all true. He grins at Cassidy. “And I’m spending the night tonight too.”

"Tutti fucking fruity! You look happy enough about it... enjoy it. Me and Nik sure do." Cassidy kisses his pretty boyfriend. "You're actually going to sleep in one of those horrible beds?" The wing they're all in are all single rooms, and Cassidy put a futon in his dorm and put the bed in storage. "Or are you going to sleep at all?" He grins.

Adam laughs. “I hope we get some sleep, to be honest. And I didn’t notice the bed being awful.” Adam was so tired he probably could have slept on a concrete floor. “I’m sure it’ll be okay.” Then he looks for Aaron.

Aaron's inside talking to Jessica. They missed Topaz Connection entirely, and he's trying to explain where they went, but not why. There's a half-hour break until the next band comes on.

Nik pokes him. “He’ll be back.” He’s smirking and Adam rolls his yes. Really, Nik’s his best friend but he can be a smug little shit.

“We’re just having fun,” he says. Even though Aaron did say they were dating. “I mean, we are going out.”

"At least you're not having random, intense sex with a complete stranger, right? You know him from Mia's, and his sister is one of my best friends." Cassidy puts a hand on Adam's shoulder. "We crazy college kids know too much about sex. And from the look of you right now, Aaron aimed to please."

Aimed and hit the mark. Adam smiles at him. “Yeah. We just got back from his work. It’s soundproof.” Then he blushes - that was too much information. “It’s like, a lot at once.” He can’t lie, he still feels like this happened so soon the other shoe will drop.

"You kind of felt like that when we started dating," Cassidy says to Nik. "Sometimes there isn't a shoe. Sometimes it's something little, and sometimes it's something big. You have to figure out if it's worth it or not to work out." Cassidy laughs. "Welcome to your first relationship."

Nik flicks the ash from his cigarette and hugs Adam one-handed. “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry so much. I’ve talked to Aaron a lot when Cassidy and Jess are chattering at each other. He’s a really nice guy.” Nik is honestly a little curious - he hasn’t seen Aaron just randomly hook up, so there must be a reason he’s with Adam.

Aaron comes outside with Jessica in tow, and mentions, "Tommy, Mia and Sutan are taking off... you guys ready?" It's almost eleven, and though school hasn't started up yet, the campus closes down early.

"I wish I had someone to hook up with tonight," Jessica says loudly. "Raise your hand if you're going to bed alone tonight, oh wait, that's just me!" She'd rather stay and listen to the music, even of the bands after Topaz are garbage.

Adam frowns and comes to give her a hug. “Sorry.” She’s not much shorter than him but he envelopes her in his arms. “Are you sure you’re ready to go?”

"Yeah," Jess smiles. "I'm just being jealous, that's all. No big." She squeezes Adam and snarfles her face to his neck. "I'm glad you and Aaron hooked up," she says in his ear, before letting him go. "I'm calling shotgun! Boys in the backseat!"

“Hey!” But Adam just laughs and takes one of Nik’s hands. Cassidy takes the other, and they run to the car like kids, laughing and making jokes. They get there long before Jess and Aaron do. Adam whispers in Nik’s ear again. “I’m really happy right now.” Nik restrains himself from saying “No shit”.

Jess and Aaron are chatting to each other in something that sounds a little bit like French and a lot like something they've made up, but they laugh and shove at each other on the way to the car. Aaron unlocks the doors for everyone, suddenly hoping the car doesn't smell like sex.

Adam doesn’t notice, but Nik wrinkles his nose a little, then laughs. He doesn’t say anything, but he curls in the middle of the car, Adam on one side and Cassidy on the other. Adam kisses his cheek. “Let’s go.”

"No making out in my backseat," Aaron jokes, turning the radio on. It's the college station, and Aaron sings along with whatever song it is. He's relaxed and sated for now, content to go back to the dorm and smoke that joint Saushan gave them. Now and then he glances in the rearview, trying to catch a glimpse of Adam's blue eyes.

Adam looks out the window a lot, or laughs with a giggling Nik. He’s mellow and happy right now, but he catches Aaron’s eyes in the mirror once, and smiles.

Aaron smiles back and Jessica rolls her eyes. They pull into the lot at the dorm and pile out. Aaron reaches for Adam's hand. "I'm glad you're staying."

"Vom!" Jess announces.

Adam blushes. He looks away from Aaron long enough to hug everyone goodbye, including Jess. She rolls her eyes, but not in a mean way. Then he takes Aaron’s hand again. “I’ll call you tomorrow,” he says to Nik. “See you.”

Nik leaves with Cassidy, turning back to wave.

"Bye guys," Aaron says, and everyone goes their own ways. After squeezing Adam's fingers, Aaron slips his arm around his waist and nuzzles a kiss to his neck. "We still have that joint to smoke... wanna do that when we get in?" He unlocks his dorm door and flicks on the light.

“Yeah.” Adam could stand to relax a little. It’s been a crazy two days, and the thought of lying back and just taking it easy sounds good to him. He takes his shoes off and strips to his underwear. “I’m kind of tired.”

"You'll feel good after this." Aaron leaves his clothes on and hands the joint to Adam. He lights some inscense and sits in the chair at his desk. "Light it up."

Adam does and takes a long drag before handing it over. He sits close to Aaron, as close as he can get sitting on the bed. “I still have a hard time believing all this happened so fast.”

"Sex is easy. Being emotional is harder. But sex lets that emotion out in a different way." Aaron holds the smoke in for as long as he can after taking his toke. "Have you ever done a super, smoking up?" There are a few ways to do it, but the best way involves almost kissing.

Adam shakes his head. “I only do it a little. Like in Nik’s bedroom when we’re watching TV.” He’s actually not all that into it, because until Nik met Cassidy, he got shit weed. Then again, his dad does get the good stuff. But Adam thinks that smoking up with his dad is kind of weird.

Aaron would agree. Saushan's weed is really good and consistent, and it isn't long before Aaron's high. "Let me show you. Just inhale when I exhale." He leans over and brushes his lips to Adam's, taking a drag on the joint and breathing the smoke out against Adam's mouth.

Adam inhales and he breathes in the bitter smoke and holds it. After a few seconds he exhales, and yeah, he feels something. He moves back in, brushing his lips against Aaron’s in a kiss.

The kisses are sweet and addictive, and Aaron takes another drag, blowing the smoke into Adam's mouth. "Sexy, huh." He tugs Adam's lower lip with his teeth.

Adam puts a hand on the back of Aaron’s neck, then strokes through his hair. “I like you a lot,” he says. He feels happy and a little vulnerable. He’s not really that horny either, probably just fucked out for now.

"I like you too," Aaron answers, kissing Adam again, slowly and without obligation, and he climbs onto the bed. This kind of kissing is almost like getting to know Adam, without having to talk. Aaron feels pleasantly blank, not wanting to do much more than just this.

Adam kisses Aaron some more, feeling Aaron close to him. He’s high, more so than he’s been in the past, but it’s a steady buzz. “It’s nice, being here with you,” he says, and he kisses over Aaron’s face, not pushing for anything.

If it happens, it happens, but for now, being high and kissing slowly, luxuriously, he covers Adam's body with his, just for space. "I'm so glad you're here." He kisses Adam's neck, mouth soft on his skin.

Adam makes a pleased noise and holds Aaron to him, arms loose around his back. “I think maybe we could watch a movie later.” He wants to talk to Aaron, really talk, but not right now, not when they’re kissing and touching so intmately.

"I have lots." The shelves in Aaron's room are covered in books and DVDs, and they can lie in bed and watch movies. Aaron flicks his tongue into the hollow at the base of Adam's throat, then kisses his way up.

Adam rubs Aaron’s back, touching him softly. Aaron’s neck kisses are just this side of sexy, but also sweet and comforting. He wonders if they’ll burn out from so much sex, but right now it seems unlikely.

Aaron kisses at Adam's mouth, little bites of his lips, and he braces his weight on an elbow so he can run a hand through Adam's hair. "You feel so good with me," he tells Adam, before leaning in to kiss him sweet and deep.

“Yeah,” Adam says, running a hand through Aaron’s hair. The kisses and touches are slowly heating up, but Adam doesn’t want to stop it or slow down, not yet. “I feel so comfortable with you.” Even after changing himself over the past few months, he still can feel ugly and awkward.

Aaron sees Adam as tall and dark and sexy, and has since they met at Mia's. He kisses Adam's neck again, sucking at his pulsepoint, finding his hand to hold it.

Adam moans, and he feels his cock twitch. Aaron just pulls it out of him, this desire. He has been horny a lot - he’s sixteen - but Aaron is so open that it makes him want more all the time. “I don’t know if I can go again. I think so.” He’s starting to not make sense, he wants Aaron so much.

"Feels like you can." Aaron nips at the soft spot below Adam's ear. He doesn't touch Adam's cock, wanting him to take the reins and live out another fantasy with Aaron. "I can feel you getting hard. Do I do that to you?"

“Yes,” Adam says. He’s still feeling loose and mellow, but he doesn’t want Aaron to stop. Aaron isn’t touching his cock or his own. He wishes Aaron would take his clothes off. “Why are you dressed? Get naked with me.”

Aaron peels his shirt off, then gets off the bed to kick his jeans and boxers off. He's hard, jutting out from his body, but Aaron pays no attention to it when he gets back on the bed. "Let me see your gorgeous cock."

Adam pulls off his underwear and drops them on the floor. He holds his arms out for Aaron, wanting him close. “I don’t really have any plan,” he says as Aaron folds himself in his arms.

"That's okay." Aaron kisses Adam's equally gorgeous mouth, licking his tongue in. He fits his body over Adam's, resting their hips together but not rocking them, not yet.

Adam trails a hand over Aaron’s hip, moving his way up Aaron’s body, leaving goosebumps. “I love how you let me take over,” he says. “I always know, since I’m new, I’ll just do whatever the other person wanted.” It’s true that Aaron suggests things he didn’t expect, but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

Even the toy in the club. Once Adam knew it was okay to use, he felt confident with it and used it. Oh god, he used it. "Tell me your fantasies," Aaron suggests, his voice low and secret. "We can play."

Adam’s not sure where to start. He licks his lips. “I want to try something,” he says. It’s a secret wish. “Can you have anything to dress up in?” He laughs, blushing. “Like, lingerie, things like that. Or is that too much?” Aaron isn’t very girly, so he figures this is out.

"No, it isn't too much... I just don't have anything that would be silky like that... did you mean for me... or for you?" The thought of dressing up for Adam is hot, and Aaron could easily pick something up for next time.

“For you, although I’d love something sexy, like a corset. You’d look amazing in one too. Maybe not like women’s clothes exactly, but you know. I think Cassidy calls it dandies. Something pretty.” Adam’s not sure how to describe it. “But maybe later.”

"What did you want to do to me now, then? Since I can't dress up for you..." Aaron leans in and kisses Adam, taking his hand and squeezing it. "The idea of dressing for you makes my dick hard. Especially since you'll be undressing me out of it."

Adam smiles, squeezing Aaron’s hand back. “I- it’s more something for you to do to me.” Adam pauses. “I like topping, a lot. But...could you finger me? I just want to see if I like it. I’ve never even done it to myself.”

"Just because you want me to finger you doesn't mean you're into cock the way I am. Yes, I'd love to finger you, slow and deep, and you'll love it. It'll feel so good..." Aaron kisses Adam one more time before getting out the new, super-slick lube. "I'm gonna get between your legs and do it." He's also going to use a finger vibe on the outside to tease Adam. "Think you can handle another blowjob? I love sucking your cock."

Adam moves up on the bed a little and spreads his legs. “Yeah. I love your mouth.” He’s a little nervous, but not much. Aaron will take care of him, the same way Adam takes care of Aaron.

Aaron settles between Adam's thighs, licking down the length of Adam's dick as he unscrews the lid on the lube. He squirts some on his fingers and runs them lightly up and down Adam's crack. "I won't hurt you. And if you want me to stop, I will." Aaron slips a vibe on his thumb but leaves it turned off for the moment, focusing on rubbing his fingertip at Adam's opening.

Adam sucks in a breath. It already feels good, Aaron’s touching him gently, like he’s got all the time in the world. He doesn’t think he’ll have to ask him to stop. He plants his feet on the bed, giving Aaron more room. He tips his head back.

Aaron slowly twists his finger, sucking down on Adam's cock an inch at a time. Adam is so hot around him, so tight, and Aaron has to be careful not to rush anything.

Adam relaxes under Aaron’s touch, not tensing up. Aaron’s going slow and paying a lot of attention to his cock and he loves it. Aaron is both perverted and gentle, and it’s a great combination.

When he pushes deeper into Adam, Aaron purrs around Adam's cock, sucking him deeper, too. His other hand rests loosely around the base of Adam's cock, holding it at the right angle. The he pulls off, slowly. "I can lick you out, too."

“Uh,” Adam says, almost past the point of being able to talk coherently. “You did that yesterday. Yeah, it feels good.” Adam had never penetrated him with his tongue, but close enough.

Aaron leans down and licks where his finger is, making a little face at the non-flavour of the lube. Then he licks harder, rubbing a second finger at Adam's hole.

“Ah,” Adam groans, and he grabs his cock, rubbing it. He doesn’t want to jerk off, not yet. Aaron is taking him apart slowly and he doesn’t want him to stop.

Aaron rocks his finger, licking Adam in long strokes, then pulls back to find a packet of the flavoured lube. "Here we go. Rub yourself, fuck, that's so hot." More lube on his fingers, and Aaron licks Adam with his tongue again, pushing with two fingers.

Adam’s legs fall apart further, and he moans again. He rubs his cock more, a little faster. Aaron’s tongue and fingers are amazing, better than he expected. He feels good all over, little shocks from Aaron’s touch going through him.

Aaron pushes deep into Adam with his fingers, asking, "Wanna know why I tell you to curl them? This is why." He crooks them, rubbing firmly on Adam's prostate.

Adam cries out, not expecting the rush of pleasure that’s so strong it edges on pain. He has to grip the sheets, the hand on his cock gripping the base hard. “Fuck!”

"Yeah," Aaron hums, right up against Adam's skin, then scissors his fingers apart, licking between them. "Feels fucking good, doesn't it. I'm going to jerk off thinking about doing this to you."

“I...” Adam can barely think. Right now he’ll beg for it, let Aaron fuck him. Or, use one of his toys on him. He would like it a lot. “Don’t stop," is what he says.

Aaron's got a toy ready, wrapped around his thumb. He turns it on and presses it to the hard line behind Adam's balls, then goes back to pressing slowly into him with fingers and tongue.

Adam groans and rubs his cock more. He loves it, it’s almost too much and he’s trembling on the edge. “Aaron,” he says, whispering.

Aaron curls his fingers and pushes the vibe against him. "Talk to me, babe. Come on." He leans up and licks across the backs of Adam's fingers where he's touching himself.

“I can’t, it’s too much,” he whispers. “It feels...” He breaks off with another whimper. “It’s good,” he says.

Aaron kisses the inside of Adam's thigh, dragging his lips down to where he can lick briefly across the head of Adam's cock. Then he moves down again, using more lube again (pineapple flavoured!), and screws into Adam gently with three fingers, using his tongue to smooth the way.

It doesn’t hurt, but it feels full. Adam is still, letting himself get used to the pressure. It’s sexy and he feels very open, literally and figuratively. He reaches down with the hand that isn’t on his dick and strokes Aaron’s hair. He concentrates on breathing steadily.

Aaron feels a little like he's making out with Adam's lower half, kissing Adam's fingers and licking his skin, his own fingers pressing Adam open. It's so hot, and Aaron groans against Adam's skin.

Adam stops rubbing and starts jerking off, slowly at first, and he can feel everything Aaron’s doing to him, the licks and kisses, the fingers deep inside him. “You’re so good to me,” he whispers.

The moment may be incredibly hot, and Aaron curls his fingers again, saying, "You're my boyfriend. I'll always make you feel this good. I'll fuck you however you want me to." Then he pushes his tongue into Adam, stretching his fingers.

Adam throws his head back and jerks his cock until he comes, staring at the ceiling. He’s so overwhelmed by it, tears start in his eyes. He lets out a noise between a sob and a gasp as Aaron keeps fingering him.

"Babe, jeez." Aaron kisses the inside of his leg. "Do you want me to stop?" He keeps his fingers in Adam but stops moving them, and leans down to lick the come from Adam's skin.

“Sorry,” Adam wipes at his eyes. “Yeah. I think that’s all I can handle now.” He lets out a chuckle. “I just- I don’t trust many people. I don’t have many real friends. I get a little emotional, that’s all.” He reaches down and takes Aaron’s hand. “I’m okay, really.”

"Good." Aaron kisses Adam's knuckles. "I didn't expect to do anything at all... that's why I didn't take my clothes off when we got back." He laughs a little. "I just want you to know that whatever you want to do is okay."

“Okay.” Adam touches Aaron’s face, smearing some of the lube that’s on his mouth. He laughs. “I guess we need to clean up. But... what do you want?”

"I want you to pick something out of my box for me to use while you watch." Aaron grins, rubbing his face against Adam's hand. "You get to chill out."

Adam sits up. “Okay.” He waits for Aaron to move from between his legs. He feels a little stretched, but not sore. Aaron looks beautiful to him, flushed and hard. He reaches into Aaron’s box. “Huh. I haven’t seen this one before.” He pulls out a large dildo with a handle.

Aaron dampens his lips. He hasn't played much with this one because of the size, but if it's the one Adam wants, then Aaron will do it. Thinking about taking that much makes Aaron's cock ache.

Adam kisses Aaron’s cheek. “If you don’t want to, I can pick something else.” He pulls back. “But if it’s you want me to get you ready?”

"Yeah. I do." Aaron positions himself on the bed so he'll be comfortable with both hands. "I'll like it... I just haven't used it much yet." He reaches out to touch it, to measure how much of it there is. "Wow."

“I’ll take my time,” he says, and gets the lube. “Let me know if it’s too much.” He moves around so he can get between Aaron’s legs, and thumbs over Aaron’s hole.

Aaron twitches, still sensitive from earlier in the practice space. But it feels good, and his dick jerks. "I can't get enough," he says softly.

“I know,” Adam says then he grins. “That sounds conceited.” But Aaron is open to almost anything they do, and Adam loves it. He squeezes some lube on. “Just one,” he says, pushing it in slowly.

Aaron sighs, pinching one of his nipples in his fingers. He pushes his knees apart, his other hand on the toy, feeling the length and thickness of it and imagining taking it all, for Adam.

Aaron feels hot around his finger, and Adam has to remember not to rush it. He bends down and kisses over Aaron’s cock. He’s glad he’ll be here all night, and he wants them to have a good time. He nuzzles his thigh, and looks up at him. Aaron looks beautiful.

One finger makes Aaron feel hot and tight, but he's going to need a lot more than that before he can take that dildo down. He groans, and it's his turn to rub his cock while Adam fingers him. Aaron breathes out and brings his feet up flat on the bed, knees splayed apart.

Adam looks at Aaron, how he’s responding, and adds another finger, scissoring them. He touches the fingers Aaron is moving over his cock.

"Oh fuck, stretch me," Aaron husks, lifting his hips a bit. "Finger me open so I can fuck myself for you." He rubs his cock harder, slicking away the precome at the head with his thumb.

“Okay,” Adam says. “Another?” Aaron nods, and Adam squeezes on more lube before slipping in a third. “Fuck.” He leans down and sucks at Aaron’s cock, just a little.

"Dirty fucking mouth," Aaron swears, grasping the base of his dick. The tease has him itching for the deep push of Adam's fingers and beyond that, the toy.

Adam crooks his fingers up, rubbing, and bobs down on Aaron’s cock again. “Maybe that’s how I’ll say hi to you from now on,” he says. “Just get on my knees and suck you dry.”

Aaron groans, stroking himself up to Adam's lips as if jerking himself off into Adam's mouth. "Lube the toy, I want to get fucked full of it." He hopes that Adam will keep sucking him off, or at least stay good and close while Aaron jerks off for him.

Adam pulls back and gets the toy. He uses a lot of lube, and gives it to Aaron. “You want to do it, or me?”

"I wanna start for you. Then you can join in and fuck me." With the toy or his fingers or with anything, oh yes. Aaron positions himself on the bed and teases at his opening with the toy. "God, it's so big. I wanna take it all for you to watch."

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Adam says, rubbing over Aaron’s cock lightly with his fingers. “Want me to suck you while you do it?” Aaron already looks great just rubbing it against his hole.

"Maybe when you join in," Aaron says, breathy, and eases the toy into himself, a little thrust at a time. He groans, head down, hair in his face. "Just gotta take it slow, I won't hurt... mmmh. Myself."

Adam reaches to feel how Aaron is stretched over it, and he kisses Aaron’s hip. “Yeah.” He brushes a thumb over the head of Aaron’s cock.

Adam's thumb comes away wet and Aaron arches, pushing the toy deeper. "How does it look?" It feels amazing, bordering on uncomfortably full and stretched, and he strokes himself, just a little.

“It looks amazing,” he says. “It’s so hot.” He’s not hard though, his cock done for the night. “Don’t push yourself too much.”

Aaron fucks himself slowly with the toy until he can start thrusting in long, smooth motions with it. "Oh shit," he breathes. "Oh... fuck..."

Adam watches him take it, and moans. He curls in close and puts his hand over Aaron’s cock, jerking him slowly. He’s awed by Aaron, how much he’s willing to do.

The only real noises in the room are the sound of Aaron's breath and his occasional groans, and the slick sound of lube and skin. He pushes the toy all the way in and cries out, hips thrusting up into Adam's hand. "Oh fuck, your hand... and the toy... I'm, oh god, fuck me with it-"

Adam takes hold of the toy and starts moving it, moving so he can get a good grip and also get his mouth on Aaron’s cock. He doesn’t go too fast, but he moves it smoothly.

It's a lot of toy to try and move fast, and after a couple of minutes, Aaron squeezes more lube onto it. It's almost as if his body doesn't want to let go of the toy, with Adam pushing and pulling it in him. "Suck me," Aaron groans, sliding a hand into Aaron's hair.

Adam doesn’t need much encouragement to suck down on Aaron’s cock, feeling him hot in his mouth. He keep moving the toy, eyes open so he can see. Aaron is moaning and sounds amazing.

Aaron's balls are pulled tight up to his body, cock leaking on Adam's tongue. "Adam, god, oh fuck... oh, fuck me with it, suck me, I'm gonna come." He feels stretched out and just the slightest bit sore from the toy, but it makes Adam's mouth feel even hotter.

Adam moves the toy just a little bit harder, and swallows around Aaron’s cock. He can feel how close he is.

With a cry, Aaron comes in Adam's mouth, body trying to clench up around the toy and totally unable to. "Adam! God- oh fuck." He writhes on the bed, trying to get the most of the toy and Adam's sexy fucking mouth.

Adam swallows around Aaron’s cock, and then pulls off, touching Aaron where the toy disappears into his body. “You’re so hot. Baby.” Adam kisses his hip.

Aaron growls, pushing down on the toy, aching for Adam's touch. "You make me feel like this." His voice is blurry and satiated, and Aaron leans back a little, legs still spread. "I mean... not to freak you out... I can jerk off two or three times a day. But this is insane."

“Wow,” Adam says. “I mostly jerk off at night before bed. I don’t really go for it much during the day.” He’s a little jealous. “Do you feel okay?”

"Right now, or in general?" Aaron asks. "Because right now it's a matter of pulling the toy out without playing with it a little more. In general, I'm great. I have a boyfriend who wants to spend the night and watch movies, and I've had so much sex my head is spinning. Do you feel okay?"

“Yeah. Right now I just want to take care of you. And watch movies. Maybe talk some more.” He moves around and kisses Aaron’s cheek. “And maybe get you cleaned up.” He grins, then reaches down for the toy. “Do you need me to help you get this out?”

"No," Aaron assures. "If you do, you'll end up with me begging you to fuck me again with it. It's that good." Aaron eases it out with a grimace and sets it on its Ziploc bag to be cleaned later. "Just kiss me. That's all I want. And movies and talking. But kissing." Now it's Aaron's turn to want to be close after sex.

Adam wraps Aaron in his arms and kisses him. He was a little squeamish about kissing after rimming, but what the hell. Aaron doesn’t taste bad. He kisses him for a few minutes, soft ones around his face and on his lips. “You are so much better than I thought.”

Aaron tastes more like pineapple lube than anything else, and he smiles at Adam's words. "What did you think I was going to be like?"

“I don’t know. I thought you were really sweet, when we met. You’re easy-going. But I had no idea you were this much fun.” He gives Aaron a wicked grin. “And there’s so much more for me to learn.”

"I am a lot of fun, I guess." Aaron laughs. "I'm modest, too." He gets up and puts a movie in the DVD player, then flips the light off and climbs back into bed. "Next time, we'll have to fuck in the dark." Is Aaron kidding? Maybe.

Adam nuzzles at him. “But I like to watch.” He settles in to watch the movie, holding Aaron in his arms. He about half pays attention to it.

"I love when you watch me. What do you want to see next?" Just conversation as Aaron half pays attention to the movie too. It's Jurassic Park after all. He's seen it a million times.

“I don’t know. I kinda want to talk to you some more.” Adam kisses his shoulder. “Like your dad didn’t like your boyfriend. Was he really that much older?”

"Fifteen years," Aaron admits. "I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I think I'm lucky to have experienced what I did. He just couldn't handle me being away so much."

Adam thinks about what it would be like to have a much older boyfriend. He decides he’s happy with just a few years. “When did you start playing music?”

"Probably with my mom's pots and pans..." Aaron shrugs, turning his head to kiss Adam. "My dad plays, my cousins play. Me and Jess are the only ones that turned out in the arts. Mom pushed her into dance because she's the only girl... and I picked up my dad's guitars." He settles more comfortably in Adam's arms, resting his head back.

“My parents got me into theater and voice because I was driving them crazy running around the house,” he says. “I had a lot of energy and they wanted to channel it. I’m glad we went with that and not soccer.” He pauses. “When did you know you were gay?”

Aaron laughs. The idea of Adam playing soccer is hard to picture. "I always knew. My GI Joes were all guys, and I used to play with Jess's Ken dolls. I'd make them go shopping and stuff together, and I always wondered why Barbie's clothes never fit him. You?"

“I had a crush on my best guy friend in second grade.” Adam says. “Most of my friends were girls, but he was cool. We both liked to perform. He moved after a year and I figured out why I missed him so much.” He still wonders how Brent was sometimes.

"What was your first kiss like?" Aaron kisses Adam's neck, soft and undemanding. "Mine was..." Marc. "...actually kind of nice."

Adam smiles. “I was thirteen. This fierce eighteen year old girl taught me how to kiss. It was really fun. As for guys...Brad. That was a year ago.”

"That's actually really cute." Aaron grins too, looking back at Adam. "...and... what was your first time like?" Partially joking, but curious as well as to what Adam will say.

Adam grins. “Which one? With Brad or with you?” He totally considers blowjobs sex. “With you, kind of mindblowing. It makes up for Brad and the other guy. Not that those were really bad.”

Aaron looks awkward for moment. "I learned a lot from Marc. And my friend Johnny works at the sex store, and he got me hooked on toys. He said he makes tons of sales telling women which toys I use." He laughs. "Okay, so. What's your favourite colour, food and band?"

“Glitter, cheeseburgers, and um...Bowie. Yeah, Bowie. Or Queen. You?”

"Red, spaghetti, and Beck. Or Radiohead. What is your natural haircolour? I know it's light, but." Aaron reaches back and touches Adam's hair, shiny, inky black.

“It’s red. I got red hair and freckles from my dad’s side of the family. My mom’s Jewish. Neil’s got the natural dark hair of the two of us. That’s my little brother.”

"How much younger is he? Me and Jess are the youngest of... get this. Seven. I guess mom and dad kept trying for a girl, right?" Aaron laughs. "Wait, this is where the raptors start talking. Crazy, huh? I mean, I bet they're asking where McDonald's is."

Adam laughs and watches the movie for a minute. “Wow. Seven kids. Neil’s thirteen. He’s a little shit.”

Aaron laughs again. "You were probably a little shit when you were thirteen too!" He leans in to nom on Adam's neck a little. "Want some leftover pizza?"

“God, yes. I’m starving.” Pizza’s all Adam’s really had for the last twenty-four hours, but he doesn’t care. He gets it out and a couple of Pepsis too.

There's other leftovers in the fridge, too: rice.and pasta and even some chicken, so it isn't as of Aaron lives on pizza, either. Aaron openly looks Adam over as he moves around, and says, "Have you ever thought about modelling?"

Adam looks at him like he’s crazy. “Um, no. Why would I? I’m not that cute. I was forty pounds bigger just a few months ago.”

"You're gorgeous. You're tall and dark and you've got these eyes and your gorgeous mouth. You'd be great at it." When Adam gets close enough, Aaron swats at his ass. "And you've got great legs. What time do they open?"

Adam pauses, then laughs at the last part. “Thanks,” he says. “I’m just me. I know I look better, but...” He comes back to the bed with pizza for both of them. “Here’s your drink.”

"Awesome, thanks." Aaron kisses Adam on the mouth, open and sweet, and digs into his pizza. "I think you're exotic looking. A little bit of eyeliner... trust me, go see Rhiannon. She's in Cassidy's course. She'll do you up."

Adam smiles. “I get the beauty shop to color my eyebrows,” he says. “And I wear makeup onstage. Theatrical. My skin’s so pale, I should probably wear base all the time.” He thinks about it. “Sure. It’ll be fun.”

"I like how pale you are. I am, too." Aaron sticks a leg out. "This is different than theatre makep. This is just regular stuff... Rhi did my makeup for Halloween last year. We went out as Rocky Horror and I was Little Nell."

“Oh my god, I’d love to be Rocky.” Adam beams at the thought. “I would love that so much. Or to be a vampire.”

"Wanna bite me?" Aaron asks, tipping his head back. "This year I was going to go as a zombie. You should go as a vampire."

Adam runs a finger down Aaron’s neck, but doesn’t bite him. He’s not sure he wants to start something he can’t finish. “I’d like that. I might make a good vampire.”

"You'd make a hot vampire." Aaron kisses the side of Adam's jaw, then yawns. "Day old pizza is awesome." He gets up, stretches, and gets more pizza. "Tomorrow we'll go to Denny's before I drop you off, okay?"

“Okay,” Adam says, and he nibbles on his pizza. He wishes he could go home and tell his mom all about Aaron, but it would cause her to ask some uncomfortable questions. When he’s done with the pizza he lays his head on Aaron’s shoulder.

Aaron kisses Adam where he can reach, and sets the pizza aside so he can wrap himself around Adam "Do you mind cuddling?" He almost brings Marc up again, but doesn't. Adam doesn't need to hear about how his ex would only cuddle after sex, and that was it.

“I like it,” Adam says. “I always wished I had a boyfriend to spend the night. Or a boyfriend at all.” He snuggles closer. “It feels good.”

"'i like my body when it is next to your body'," Aaron quotes. "I like being naked with you, it feels good, just like this." Just lying together in each other's arms. "I feel like I'm about ready to sleep. I'm full of pizza and I have my boyfriend right here." Right where Aaron can kiss him.

Adam smiles into the kiss. “Yeah. I’m ready to sleep too.” He yawns then, and giggles. “Sorry. That was sort of in your face.” He kisses Aaron again. “I’m gonna sleep so good.”

"Me too." Aaron sets the alarm for tomorrow, so they'll have time to maybe have sex, then go out for breakfast, and have Adam home by noon. "Night, babe."

“Night,” Adam says, and he gets comfortable in Aaron’s arms. It feels right, like he’s supposed to be here, in bed with his boyfriend. It makes him smile, and then he drifts off.

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